Your Aries horoscope predictions for 2024 have officially landed

aries horoscope 2024

Your good-looking sign is really under the celestial spotlight this year – not just for you, but for all of us. We are getting collectively schooled in the practical application of Aries’ gifts. Each sign has some magical talismans and one of yours is your willpower. Your Sun sign journey is moving from all-consuming impulses, playing in the short term and scattering your energy into initiating your energy and action towards your true and ever-evolving wants, needs and desires.

Learning how to harness the force of your sizeable will is how you evolve from constant impulses to a more conscious focus of attention. This evolution is coming from the North Node in Aries, for all of this year until January of 2025. Where the nodes are, the eclipses take place. While this transit is strong all year, the eclipses act as the energetic crescendos for this transit, where the things that need to be seen within the self or aspects of your external life will come into your own conscious awareness. These will take place in your birthday season and Libra season this year.

The North Node represents the more exalted expressions of your sign, and this auspicious transit won’t take place here again for another 18.5 years. You can actively make use of this by looking at your relationship to the element of fire, the ruler of Aries. Fire is about action and propulsion, initiating out in the external. It’s also purifying and clarifying. Look at and dissect how you play your fire/action/willpower; what are you applying it towards? How are you applying it and why? Where is this linked to your desires and where is it more impulsive and scattered? Is there any filler here that you can burn away? What’s interesting is that the North Node is conjunct (in alignment with) Chiron for much of the year and is in Aries from 2019-2027.

There’s a Mercury retrograde in your sign that will hover over these two points for most of its journey from April 3-25. This is a great opportunity to review your own personal initiations into how you play your Aries-ness. We don’t arrive in the highest expressions of our sign, we journey there, through leaning into them. Your magic is a primal instinct towards your wants, needs and desires; sensing or seeing what you want and applying all of your life force towards getting it. We are either in the driver’s seat of our skills or at the behest of them.

Being at the behest of Aries energy is being impulsive, (over) reactive and dispersing your fire in too many directions. As a primal fire sign, it’s imperative that you are moving and regenerating your energy, very regularly. Take note of the things you do that make you feel like a clear vessel. Having and creating this regular space will allow you to differentiate even more clearly between your true desires and a shiny distraction.

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