Your Libra horoscope predictions for 2024 have officially landed

libra horoscope 2024

Your sign is the graceful one, with an innate awareness of when the scales of harmony are out of balance, relationally speaking. This skill is inbuilt and will have been used since you were a child. You know how to bring the light; to balance and harmonise the space. Safety and security may still come from being in peaceful settings where confrontation is at the absolute minimum. This year, with the South Node and eclipses in your sign and Aries, will provide you with numerous opportunities to re-define what confrontation is. Direct conversations, knowing and stating your own needs aren’t confrontational, uncomfortable things. Or, I should say, they do not need to be. They are a healthy and normal part of life.

The South Node represents the shadow qualities of a sign rearing their head, to be noticed and evolved within the self and collectively. So, what could come up? Here are some possibilities. Starkly noticing anywhere in life where you may be warping yourself outside of who you actually are to maintain a connection; litres worth of past resentments may be knocking at your inner door, wanting to be expressed as pent up anger and rage; all the ways that you may subtlety hint at a thing rather than simply saying the thing; anywhere that you are getting annoyed at the people in your life for not meeting your needs and expectations when you never actually voiced them; being more aware of other people’s wants, needs and desires than your own. There are so many more iterations, but you get the point.

The astrology of this year provides the antidote at the same time, as while the release valve of shadow qualities is living in your sign this year, the medicine (and companion eclipses) lives in your opposing sign of Aries. With the North Node in Aries, all of us, but especially you, are being shown the importance of being viscerally connected to your own wants, need and desires (versus those of other people) and to build the safety (if it isn’t already there) to live from that place, to communicate from that place and to initiate and take action towards holding more of the life that you want to live.

It’s a great year to get good at becoming more aware of what you want, need and desire. What does it look like, practically speaking, to harmonise with more of yourself – outside of maintaining external peace? How can you choose more of you this year and take up more of your own space? Pour more of your energy and attention towards yourself and inhabiting this internal equilibrium that really can be independent to your external environment. How can you bring more safety into your system to say the things you want to say and be direct? To hold uncomfortability in your system without it throwing you off balance? In short, what are you available for this year, in all the areas of your life? What are you no longer available for? What do you want, outside of thinking about how others may perceive you for wanting what you want.

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