Your Aquarius horoscope predictions for 2024 have officially landed

aquarius horoscope 2024

It’s a strong year for your sign, Aquarius. Saturn spent almost three years working to ground your lightning and build structures and foundations to land your insights into the three dimensions of this reality (December 2020 - March 2023). How did that play out for you? As a sign that is often associated with riding the first waves of new consciousness, this Saturn transit brought realism and practicality forward in your sign; so how do we build the new?

On the first day of your season, as the Sun enters Aquarius on January 20th, it will be joined by Pluto. What a way to start. Pluto, as you’ll have noted during its brief foray into your sign last year, brought with it thousands of articles on AI. Your sign represents this vast web of light-fast information, this digital age that we now find ourselves within. Pluto will retrograde back into Capricorn from August 31st until November 18th before moving into your sign, where it will dig into the subterranean expressions of your sign and identity (Sun) until 2043. Can you work with this transit? Absolutely. Pluto is also Hades, God of the Underworld. Part of what Hades governs is mineral deposits under the earth and seeds. Deeper layers of your own psyche; your shadows and unconscious aspects are primed for a reveal. That’s a great thing. Why? Well, who wants to walk around with a bunch of blind spots.

Pluto is taking you into your depths to allow you to feel into, transmute and take up more of your own space. Pluto is showing you how to self-generate and step into more of your power – AKA to step into more of you. The seeds you plant can be more potent, and you can consciously claim and bring up to your world the gold and other minerals that have been out of sight until now. The more present you are and the more you are grounding into your body – rather than living from the neck up – the better. Somatic work, or even regular dance-offs with yourself, will also be a great ally. This isn’t a year to figure everything out on an intellectual level. You can do that in your sleep. What will really be an ally is your body and her bountiful wisdoms and intuitions. What rituals can you bring into your life as daily or weekly habits to shake it all out?

Releasing things through the body will bring the real alchemy and help to clear more space in your field that can be taken up by so much mental debris. Jupiter will move into your fellow air sign, Gemini, on May 26th and will be here for a year. This will feel naturally exciting. It’s the experiential learner in the most curious sign that we have. Adventuring, physically or into new ways of seeing, will be a natural pull with the end goal being this beautiful trial and error of exploring and giving life to more of what is meaningful to you and your life.

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