Your Virgo horoscope predictions for 2023 have officially landed

virgo horoscope 2023

The mythology of your sign is a curious one. Sometimes referred to as Astraea, other times Dike, your ruling goddess lived on Earth during the Golden Age, when life here was an eternal Spring and humans never aged. We then moved into an age of duality and fighting. Zeus gained control from his father and placed the four seasons – and thus time and cycles – on our planet. Astraea fled this mortal realm; in her eyes the purity and the innocence was lost, and she could not bear to stay and watch the descent unfold. 

This is interesting as your sign is often referred to as the virgin of the Zodiac and yet here we are, in the beautiful muck of life. Innately, your Sun sign can sense and feel your own potential. To have come here as a Virgo is to have chosen a path of self-actualisation. Your sign can discern and purify your environment and you can see the ideal version not just of yourself, but of those around you and of everything that enters your field. It is important that you acknowledge and, heck, even enjoy the journey and process of self-actualisation rather than denying what is right now in favour of an idealised future-you. There’s so much juice in the mud, lotus flowers grow from it. There is an idea that the longer it takes for a lotus to bloom, the better, because the longer it takes, the longer it will be in its blooming state. If you are in a manic race to reach the finish line of your ultimate form, know that it could parlay into only a small dance in the Sun. The growth that comes from taking action far outweighs the intellectual understanding of a thing. And this is something that the highest expression of your sign knows and is an area that the lower expression of your sign also wishes to ignore. Where do you fall here? 

All four of the Mercury retrogrades – your ruling planet – take place in the Earth signs this year, with one happening during your season in the Sun, from 24 August to 16 September. This feels like a cosmic push to slow the pace, to take the time to make space in your life and sit with all the magic that exists in your world, right now. It also suggests surveying where you put your focus and attention. Is the practical day-to-day life that you lead one that feeds your vitality and life force? How and where can you bring more joy and celebration into the now?

Lilith, the magnetic femme force who symbolises the liberation and power that comes from owning and celebrating all of who you are, enters your sign on 3 October, where she will gestate and stir the pot for the next nine months. This is like the virgin hanging out with her sexually liberated and magnetic sister – as if Astraea stayed here on Earth when things got heavy, rather than abandoning us. This is a period of claiming more of who you are, all of you, not simply the pure and successful and productive elements. Attune to your intuition, always, but especially during this period, you may feel ancient stirrings and receive much wisdom from this transit. 

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