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All in the details – the ultimate Virgo gift guide

It's Virgo season. A time for the Excel enthusiasts, purists, and Type A figures to step out and enjoy their day in the sun.

On first attempt, selecting the right present for the Virgo in your life can be a daunting task. They're perfectionists by nature, with their lists, high ambitions and future-facing drive. But don't be put off, Virgos are their own toughest critic and tend not to apply this strict criteria to the people in within their inner circle. Rather, the winning gift will be intentional, thoughtful and maybe even practical – productivity is at the heart of a Virgo's very nature.

Or maybe your gift will encourage the always on Virgo to switch off. Offerings of luxuries like candles, a good book or new bed linen will do the trick. Perhaps, it will compel them to slow down and be present. Beauty and self-care rituals are encouraged for this reason. Being busy is the Virgo's achilles heel after all.

Either way, a Virgo's magic is their ability to see the potential in every person and all situations. Put in a little thought, a touch of sentiment, and it will go a long way with the maiden of the zodiac. If there's anything we've learned from this sign, it's that it's all in the small details. Below, find a list of gift ideas for the beloved Virgo in your life.

KAKIMORI Notebook A5

VENUSTUS Intuitive Body Massage


ALEX AND TRAHANAS Ceramic Wine Cooler


J.HANNAH Nail Polish in Carob


August Blue, Deborah Levy


LAMY Safari Fountain Pen


MARYAM NASSIR ZADEH Camellia Scrunchie




HAWS The Fazeley Flow


NERE Stori Suitcase


IRIS HANTVERK Round Body Brush


HEREU Letina Leather Pump


LESSE Bioactive Mask

virgo gift ideas


FRANK GREEN Bottle in Sky Blue

virgo gift ideas


IN BED Linen Duvet Set in Pinstripe Navy

virgo gift ideas


ASTIER DE VILLATTE Stockholm Incense

virgo gift ideas


SOPHIE BUHAI Coquille Hand Mirror

virgo gift ideas


CLAY SYDNEY Ceramics Classes

virgo gift ideas

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