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20 unique Father’s Day gift ideas that are sure to deliver on the element of surprise

unique Father's Day gifts

If there's one thing we know with certainty about the father figures in our lives, it's that they'll rarely ever tell you what they need; and hardly, if ever tell you what they want. Most of the time, what happens is they respond to the question with vague wishes for you to "just be happy" or worse, the dreaded "grandchildren".

Consequently, gift giving is never as simple as picking out the expensive bottle of perfume you see running empty in your mum's vanity cabinet. But one thing we can bet on, is the element of surprise. Especially where Father's Day is concerned, there's nothing that will leave your dad more chuffed than a string of unique gifts.

Now, don't be confused – unique Father's Day gifts don't have to be in poor taste (as we're about to prove to you below). On a day where 'best dad ever' mugs and piles of colourful, comedic socks have become customary, bottles of delicious yuzushu or a well-designed drinks cooler don't go unnoticed. They toe the line between quality and thoughtfulness, while standing in as something your dad would never buy himself, but will love anyway. It doesn't have to be the expensive Turnbull & Asser pyjamas either. When was the last time your dad was gifted flowers, if at all? And who doesn't enjoy an hour-long facial? Gifts like these have become obvious on Mother's Day, but will make your dad feel particularly appreciated.

From the hands-on dads to those who enjoy getting out of their comfort zone, here are 20 unique gifts to spoil your loved ones with this Father's Day.




OYSTER First Edition Tempo Cooler


STORIES TO GATHER Father's Day Hamper


PONSONT Le Patch Incense Paper


TURNBULL & ASSER Cotton Boxer Shorts




HEIWA Tsuru-ume Yuzushu


TOYO Steel Two-Stage Toolbox


The Wager, David Grann




KUURA Corpo Drone Starter Pack


FIELD NOTES Original Kraft Notebooks


SNOW PEAK Folding Chair




THARWA VALLEY FORGE Knifemaking Course


KIEHL'S Ultimate Strength Hand Salve


BODE Country Plaid Socks


KINDLE Paperwhite


ASONUMI Minebari Comb





If the person you have in mind prefers activities over gifts, there's no need to fret. Take a look at our list of 20 Father’s Day activities for moments when actions speak louder than gifts.

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