Your Virgo horoscope predictions for 2022 have finally landed

virgo horoscope 2022

2022 is a good-looking year for you, Virgo, with a focus on expansive social encounters, honing your long-term vision and day to day experience of life and the meaning that you apply to all of it.

Saturn continues its transit through your 6th house (until March 2023), your home territory. This is an extremely beneficial transit for you. Why? Because Saturn sees the long-term. It can see the mountains you wish to ascend in this lifetime, it is the long-term goal-oriented aspect of you. Moving through this strong part of your chart you can make some really big, strong moves. Here you have a marriage between long range vision and the gold of Virgo. Part of your gold is that your high-level practicality can see your vision and then work out what habits and rituals and actions need to seep into your daily life to ensure that you are making moves in the direction of your desires. Your archetype excels when you apply your purifying, streamlining lens to your life. You know your potential. This transit will aid you in looking at the long-term roll-out and embodiment of said potential.

Your ruling planet, Mercury, has three retrogrades this year (May-June, September-October, December-January) and it would be a brilliant use of this energy to take stock of how far you have come, as markers for your year. List out all that you have chipped away at in all areas of your life. Virgo rarely ever looks back as its default attainment is to motor ahead towards the next thing on the to-do list. Take these retrogrades as a time of reflection, show yourself the data (the lists) and see that you are making headway. Use this energy to check in with the self-talk and tap into how you feel about your daily schedule and the orientation of your focus. Are you feeling nourished and motivated? Are you regularly replenishing your energy stores and taking stock of the bounty present in your here and now? Sometimes Virgo can be so intense in its go-go-go that it loses the juice and fun to be found in the journey; of doing the thing verses reaching the illusive finish line. You can set the tone for yourself. View these Mercury Retrogrades as your celestial day spa periods of rejuvenation.

Jupiter will make its way through your social life (7th and 8th house) this year and this could be interpreted as new foreign babes entering your world, or new and expansive experiences that you undertake with your closest people. New perspectives and new vistas come through your social encounters. So, if you hear the call to go out, follow it.


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