Your Leo horoscope predictions for 2022 have finally landed

leo horoscope 2022

How do you emit your starshine amongst others? Continuing from last year, Saturn is moving through your 7th house, illuminating who you are amongst others, the social aspect of you. Do your friends hold space for your starshine? Do you hold space for your starshine, or do you bestow it onto others, making them feel seen and confident and comfortable? From the 4th June – 22nd October, Saturn will retrograde here and it’s a great opportunity for you to take stock of and review how you form your relationships and maintain them with others. Is it in alignment with your authentic values?

The eclipses in April, May, October and November aim to highlight the health and vitality of your inner world and your outer world. In astrology, this is called your foundational axis. Your inner world may conjure up some feelings or memories from floors of your psyche you haven’t traversed through in some time. The inner world, or 4th house, is like the root system of you, no one really sees this and yet the nutrients within the soil and how you nurture, tend to and prune your inner world has a direct influence on the top of your tree – the 10th house – the aspect of you that the rest of the world sees.

Leo is much less to do with dancing on tables (though power to you if that’s your thing) and more to do with an innate drive to leave your individual stamp on the world. How are you cultivating that inner drive? What fears, if any, do you have around being seen for authentic you? You can use the Scorpio eclipses in May and October to scour for any limiting beliefs or blocks that may be working to subconsciously protect you through dimming your starshine. The Taurean eclipses in April and November look to renew the energy and the values that you have applied to the foundational building blocks of your work and purpose. How are you showing up, daily, for yourself in this aspect of your life? Are you allowing yourself to grow and outgrow outdated aspects of yourself here? Or are you holding onto what you know for the sake of some comfort and reliability?

Let’s not forget, you are the lion. Yes, people talk about how your sign has leadership qualities but let’s rephrase that, you are here to lead yourself. To be courageous and confident in your own unfurling and growth. And that requires taking chances, stepping into the unknown, going for what you want, not knowing how you and your work will be received. Allowing yourself the grace to fail along the way. And if you don’t feel that you are fully embodying the confidence that your sign is here to develop in your journey, then visualise that confident aspect of you. How does it show up in the world? View your life and your moves for the year ahead through that lens.


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