These are the signs most affected by the Virgo New Moon

virgo new moon august 2022

If an assignment is due on Thursday, Virgo will be sure to have it perfectly completed by Sunday, leaving the Virgin lots of time to starch its collars for Monday morning. Ruled by the analytical side of Mercury, Virgo’s highly ordered world can feel more like a museum, a place to look but not touch.

This is all to say that there might be a bit of a “cold comfort” element to the upcoming Virgo New Moon on August 27, 2022. True, Virgo rules over things like food and diet (in other words, nutriment) but it's not a sign, like Cancer, for nurturing. There’s a big difference.

This presents us with a bit of contradiction, since the Moon represents the beating “heart” in our chart, whereas practical Virgo might not be so bountiful with its affections.

No worries. I was always told that when the cosmos gives us a bit of a lemon for a transit, we should learn to make lemonade. Here’s an old fashioned recipe for this month’s Virgo New Moon refreshment.

Step One: Add a cup of ruling-planet Mercury to the mix

Mercury (communication) governs the Maiden. So, this Virgo New Moon should have much to do with how we express ourselves at work or in the boudoir. Don’t make this lunation just about getting things done, which is Virgo’s inclination. Communication (rather than, say, cleaning up the closet) should be a focus of this Moon.

Step Two: Stir in some sugar to sweeten your words

It’s not just that this Virgo New Moon is governed by Mercury. No, it’s governed by a Mercury well-placed in the sweet sign of Libra. Mercury-in-Libra is the quintessential charmer, since Libra-inflected communication attunes itself to the rhythms of the other. While Mercury-in-Aries, as a counterexample, is characterised by self-promoting speech, Mercury-in-Libra listens, speaks sweetly, gives and takes in conversation. Remember that candied Venus rules the Scales, as well. So, even though we have a more bitter lemon Virgo New Moon, we should taste, behind its tang, somee good, sugary energy at work. Think about manifesting this sweet speech in various ways: flattering your partner, turning orders into requests, bestowing compliments, adding some purple to your prose.

Step Three: Serve with flair

A Virgo New Moon should heighten a desire to help others, but with Mercury in Venus-ruled Libra, you can give this service a bit more magic. While Virgo creates a kind of no frills order to things, Mercury-in-Libra beautifies and brings balance to a place. Make sure the towels are all perfectly folded (Virgo Moon) but then also go out and get some new bouncy towels (Mercury/Venus/Libra).

While this Virgo New Moon recipe should taste great for everyone, it will be particularly delicious for the following signs: Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces and Libra. Why so?


The New Moon in one’s sign is always potent, so the Maiden should feel extra charged on the 27th. You are always looking to help others with edits, critiques, and advice: now is the time to book a date with yourself and work on your own needs.


For Sagittarius, this New Moon highlights your Career zone. With Mercury-in-Libra, this is the perfect time for smooth talking at work: meet up with your boss and ask about your career trajectory. Now is the perfect time to sow seeds for that promotion.


For Libra: Mercury highlights your Selfhood zone, where the planet is said to have its “joy.” Think about what your biggest desires are right now. It’s time to call in exactly what you want. Make sure you write down a practical roadmap to achieve one goal. That is the key with Virgo, ever practical.


For Pisces, we have the New Moon highlighting your Relationship Zone. Virgo Energy is all about being of service. Coupled or not, commit to doing one nice helpful thing for a partner in your life (be it romantic, friend, or business associate).

As a final note, angry Mars has just gone into flighty Gemini, where it is “squaring” (or creating some difficult energy) with this Virgo New Moon. Mars and squares are hot and bothered elements that we all have to deal with. Instead of getting agitated, though, stay hydrated with this Virgo New Moon refreshment we’ve been concocting. Sit out on the porch. Have a drink. Speak sweetly with friends. And stay cool from that extra Mars/square heat.

Stay inspired, follow us.


Photo by Benjamin Voros on Unsplash