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Timothée Chalamet and his weird little flute

timothée chalamet SNL

In an action packed Saturday Night Live show this weekend, Timothée Chalamet showed up to play a flute on one of the segments, specifically, a weird little flute.

Alongside musical guest Kid Cudi's tribute to Kurt Cobain in which the rapper wore a floral Off-White gown, Carey Mulligan's skit which aptly encapsulates our current obsession with lesbian period dramas with a trailer promising “Academy Award-winning glance choreography”, the Call Me By Your Name actor makes a cameo in a musical sketch with, you guessed it! A flute.

The skit in question featured Cudi and SNL cast members Pete Davidson and Chris Redd raping about their favourite instrument...the weird little flute. An homage to the instrument that has sartorially made cameos in iconic R&B hits like Jay-Z’s “Big Pimpin’” and Future’s “Mask Off”, they sing about taking their flutes to the club, cleaning their flutes, poking old sleeping women with their flutes (it's not what you think) and doing spells with their flutes all while swinging their weird little flutes about.

In comes Timmy, with a flute of his own and a signature Chalamet printed cardigan (this time it's Zebra print), who dances about a bit, blue-steeled into the lens, and even does his own little mimed riff on his woodwind instrument before Mulligan breaks the act, interrupting the group by playing an irritated music store employee.

It's all good clean fun, and it isn' the first time Chalament has indulged us in his silly, teenage-boy like antics on SNL. His last appearance hosting the show saw him dress up like Harry Styles (hot brunette white boy worlds collide), jokes about oral sex, play a brooding teenage COVID-19 virus in a skit called A Rona Family Christmas, and even rapped once again alongside Davidson as truly terrible Soundcloud rappers. Below, see the weird little flute in all it's glory.


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