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‘The White Lotus’ finale: Let us commiserate through these internet reactions

the white lotus season 2 finale

We've reached the watery finish line, my friends. And once again, we're painfully reminded that The White Lotus is actually a satire not, as we always dupe ourselves into thinking, a whodunit. There were winners – the Italian locals – and there were losers – everybody else – and while we're reeling from the thought that Greg may just get away with all that money, in Mike White we trust. Which is all to say, hopefully he gets killed off in season 3, when we land at a White Lotus somewhere in Asia (not the Maldives or Jamaica) per Variety.

As is the consensus, while the first season ruminates on money, this one was all about sex; who's having it, who isn't, how we get it and the power it holds. And if you're looking for clues as to what's in store for season 3 of The White Lotus, Mike White has hinted that the series may dive into the fertile territory of spirituality. Satire aimed at all the Eat Pray Love travellers? Yes, please.

Perhaps the best thing about The White Lotus is the debrief, theorising and weekly round of memes that follows each episode when it lands every Monday. Somehow, we've all managed to build a fandom we can be proud of. So, there's one good thing the internet has done for us this year. One last time? I think we will. Find the best internet reactions to The White Lotus finale, below. Oh, and there are spoilers ahead.



Looking to savour every last moment for The White Lotus season 2? Join the club. First let's begin with one of the most (if not the most) insufferable characters on the show, Portia, who taught us, if anything, that Gen Z are undergoing an algorithmically-induced fashion crisis. Go figure. There was other style too, a lot of it much better than the resident Gen Z, which you can find an index of here. And if all the murder plotting, adultery and general bad behaviour hasn't put you off holidaying in Italy, here are the filming locations from The White Lotus so you can plan your 2023 Sicilian vacation.

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