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‘The White Lotus’ is back and just as chaotic as ever – Here are the internet’s best reactions

the white lotus season 2

Buckle the hell up, The White Lotus has dropped its fifth episode of season 2. This time around we're dismounting on the island of Sicily, where showrunners have gathered an ensemble cast to reflect our own absurdities back at us. In just the first 50 minutes of the season, Mike White has managed to laugh at white women on holiday and rich people who don't read the news; set us up for some sharp commentary on the diaspora of Italians coming back to reconnect to their family history, and slipped in the way old people are treated like idiots. Not to mention, there's a healthy showing of full frontal male nudity (when I tell you I gasped...). Yes, it's been a journey. One we wish we could complete immediately but also – one we don't want to end.

The best part of watching The White Lotus? Well, yes Aubrey Plaza is one of them. But, I was thinking more along the lines of knowing that other people are doing the same. There's nothing like some social satire to bring the people together. So as the series proves it's no one hit wonder, we're bringing you a selection of reactions and responses to the series that are just as pitch perfect as the show itself.


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Image: Twitter and @evanrosskatz