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We’re going to need a sec to process this unhinged deleted scene from ‘Love Actually’

love actually deleted scene

As soon as it hits December 1, the world goes absolutely mad. Public transport is iced out in tinsel, shopping centres blast Wham! and every weekend is booked with at least three different Christmas obligations. But the most insane of all, is what happens to popular culture. If Mariah Carey's All I Want For Christmas is the soundtrack for December, then Love Actually is its movie equal. Must we watch it for the umpteenth time and spend the whole month lambasting Alan Rickman's (rip) character Harry about that adulterous necklace. Do we need to see Richard Curtis to explain what the hell was up with the line, "to me you are perfect"? Yes, actually, we do.

Although, this time around, it's not the frazzled Englishwoman aesthetic or questionable workplace relationships that we're talking about, but a certain deleted scene. Remember at the end of Love Actually, when titchy Sam is devastated that Joanna, the kid with good hair and an incredible voice, is leaving for America, so much so he has to resort to the cliché of running through Heathrow airport to stop her? Well, Richard Curtis originally had much more dramatic plans for that scene, if you can believe it.

While the deleted scene in question first surfaced on the internet in 2013, our collective amnesia around Love Actually means it's once again doing the rounds. It turns out there was an alternate reality where Sam was a skilled gymnast and the cast would drop hints at it throughout the movie, with it all culminating into the pièce de résistance shared below.

If that's not the most absurd thing you've seen this month, then I don't know what to tell you. The flips, the parkour-inspired moves. More importantly, as many have pointed out on Twitter, I love that Sam grew about three feet every time the body double stepped in. I don't know if this would have made Love Actually, or derailed the whole film entirely but I think we can all agree that it's completely batsh*t. I love it. Richard Curtis' brain, everyone.

Still speechless? Let's let the last good folk left on Twitter do the talking, below.



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