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The White Lotus will return for season two and Aubrey Plaza is checking in as a new guest

The White Lotus Season 2

Coming to you today with some good news and some bad news. The good news, is that The White Lotus has been renewed by HBO for a second season, reports Variety,so for those who have been lapping up all that the show, set in a hotel in Hawaii has to offer, you're in luck! The shameful news, is that the show will be recruiting a new crop of characters for season two, because The White Lotus Hotel is moving! Which warrants new staff and new guests.

The only small dose of relief is that everyone's favourite character – Jennifer Coolidge's Tanya – is not going anywhere. What else do we have to do with our downtime than watch Coolidge expertly portray a slightly unhinged, middle-aged woman struggling with loneliness and the recent passing of her mother?

Thrown into the mix of new hotel guests is the sardonic queen and leading lady, Aubrey Plaza, as announced by VarietyWith Plaza's track record we can only imagine the kind of drama she will dredge up in her signature sarcastic tone.

According to HBO, the second season will leave Hawaii “and follows a different group of vacationers as they jet to another White Lotus property and settle in temporarily amongst its inhabitants.” Which obviously begs the question of the next location, with reports that The White Lotus chain could be heading somewhere in Europe. As for whether any other season one appearances will return, not all hope is lost. White did tease that some of the same characters would make a comeback in future seasons, and now that we know that Coolidge is almost certainly on board, who will be next? In our books, as long as it's not Shane, we will be able to rest easy.

Series creator Max White, who is responsible for writing and direction through the first entire season, told IndieWire that his plan is for the series to follow an anthology-style, with a new resort in a different part of the world each season. Any guesses on where it might be?

You can stream all six episodes The White Lotus now on Binge. Otherwise, here are 8 TV shows to watch once you've checked out of The White Lotus.

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