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A ‘Working Girl’ remake is in the works to inject a dose of 1980s nostalgia to the cinemas

working girl remake

Cult classic 80s film Working Girl is getting the remake treatment, with Selena Gomez leading production of the film. The original, starring Melanie Griffith and Harrison Ford, has become a favourite of many, leading us to believe the remake will be a hit in its own right. 

What is the plot of Working Girl? 

Directed in its original form by Mike Nichols, Working Girl followed the story of Tess, an underestimated secretary from Staten Island dreaming of being taken seriously in business. As we follow the story of Tess, we see her seek – and achieve – revenge on her boss, Katherine (Sigourney Weaver), for stealing her idea and posing as her to secure a major coup. While this is occurring, she becomes romantically involved with a Wall Street associate, Jack (Ford), whom she famously informs that she has a “head for business and a bod for sin.” 

Now, the exact plot details for the Working Girl remake are yet to be revealed, but we expect it will take a similar form as the original, a critically-hailed feature that earned six Oscar nominations including Best Picture and Best Actress. 

There have previously been adaptations of Working Girl since its release, with a short-lived TV series in the 90s starring Sandra Bullock, alongside a Broadway musical currently underway, featuring a score by Cyndi Lauper. 

Gomez is currently in final negotiations to product the project, written by Ilana Pena, who will adapt the screenplay from its original blueprint. A director is yet to be named for the feature, however it is expected to premiere on Hulu under 20th Century Studios. It is not yet confirmed if Gomez herself will feature in the film. 

When will the Working Girl remake be released?

A release date for the Working Girl remake is still to be announced. 

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