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Paris Hilton and Sky Ferreira’s pandemic-inspired horror film – ’18 & Over’ is an expensive watch

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We won't lie; we've felt generally uninspired by much of the quarantine or pandemic-themed cinema that has emerged in the last year. Truly; will anything be able to top Contagion? While we'd prefer to never have to watch the trauma and disaster of the last year be carried out on-screen; there is one COVID-19 film that has us hyped, thanks to its two leading ladies Paris Hilton and Sky Ferreira. Yes, you read that correctly. Two of our forever icons are teaming up to take on the big screen for the slasher-film 18 & Over – produced by Pretty Little Liars alum Ashley Benson.

Thankfully from what we know so far, the film only uses the pandemic as a catalyst for the events that transpire in 18 & Over. Although plot details are still few and far between; Deadline has confirmed that the film will see Paris Hilton and Sky Ferreira as key characters in the rise of OnlyFans. Co-created alongside director Jimmy Giannopolous and Diomedes Raul Bermudez; Hilton and Ferreira are just two members of the all-star cast that will feature in the 18 & Over film. Pamela Anderson, Duke Nicholson, A$AP Nast, Winnie Harlow, and G-Eazy will also be making appearances. G-Eazy is also responsible for creating the film's score; which marks a first for the rapper.

“After deciding to shoot this film in the middle of the pandemic, we wanted to make something that would be fun but still a terrifying slasher for audiences during these tough times,” Giannpoulos shared with Deadline. “A film relevant to today’s issues of a global pandemic, reality shows, isolation, OnlyFans, and obsession.”

Per the trailer below, the film follows Vicky,  a woman looking for a secluded escape after the end of her relationship, when she decides to hole up in an abandoned cabin (smart move for any woman alone in America) to focus on creating content for an adults-only livestreaming website called 18 & Over. Naturally, there is a crowbar wielding masked killer on the loose, and one night when the power mysteriously goes out, Vicky finds herself being terrorised by them, too.

That's not even the most bizarre part! Apparently in order to watch the film, you must purchase one of 10,000 limited edition NFTs, priced at $263 each.

For the first two months of its release, only those who have bought one of the NFTs from Nifty Gateway will be able to watch an exclusive “collector’s cut” of the movie on a private link before a theatrical cut is distributed later in the year year. Apparently NFT holders will also receive other perks like joining a collector’s community, having virtual hangouts with the movies talent and director, as well as their purchase acting as an invite to the movie’s LA premiere. I suppose $263 isn't such a high price to pay to hang out with Mrs. Hilton, is it?

Watch the trailer, below.

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