Your Taurus horoscope predictions for 2023 have officially landed

taurus horoscope 2023

The first half of this year is an energetic continuation of 2022 for your sign. The North Node continues moving through your archetype until July this year, where it has had a profound effect on so many of us, with a return to our values and to decluttering everything that has been an over-complication or a distraction from the simplicity of life’s riches. 

With your Sun sign here, you may well have reoriented or reclaimed your values and moved into embodying more of the rituals that enrich your daily life, something that your sign is so profoundly good at. When the North Node moves into Aries in July, there will be a distinct change in energetic flavour and for you specifically, this move will ignite a keen and instinctual awareness around what your wants, needs and desires are as well as how you go about birthing these three things into your life. With all of the work that has taken place in your sign over the past year – particularly in regards to embodying your self-worth, value and practically showing yourself that you have your own back – now the movement shifts to aligning your will and intention with the directions that you are wishing to move in and towards. 

This initiatory energy is backed by Jupiter’s movement into your sign on May 17th, where it will stay for one year. Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system and anything that it touches, it expands. Cast out your visions. Cast them out wide and far. Ask yourself, “am I allowing myself to be as big as I am?” You define how that looks for you. You define and set the parameters around the stage you live your life upon, and the characters you allow to play roles within your world. With Jupiter here, it is as though you have climbed to the top of a high mountain and now you are able to survey the terrain of you from an elevated vantage point. Things look different up here; life feels full of possibilities and wonderment. Use this transit to move to higher ground and to contemplate the meaning you are enriching your life with. 

We enter 2023 with Mars, the planet that symbolises our will and determination, retrograding through your second house from 31 October 2022 until 13 January 2023. This feels like a check-in point for you, a clarifying of your intended aims for the year. Energetically, your cauldron is brewing with expansion, embodying your worth and your wants, needs and desires as well as the oomph to intentionally align with the directions in which you desire to head. This retrograde will allow you to check in with where you are navigating. Do you feel worthy of claiming your desires? Are you communicating your wants and needs to your closest people? Are you taking action that aligns with your Venusian self? Venus, your ruler, was born whole and adult. She skipped conditioning and socialisation and has been emitting her own magnetic signal since the beginning. Utilise this archetype this year; how can you bring more of you into your daily life and when in doubt, ask yourself, what would Venus do? 

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