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Is SZA dropping a ‘Good Days’ remix with Frank Ocean?


Queen of 'songs-to-replace-therapy-with', SZA is taunting us with the talk of a collaboration with king of 'songs-to-replace-therapy-with', Frank Ocean, and it's safe to say we'll be needing to listen to both to clam our excitement.

Incase releasing a 1800-cry-with-SZA hotline earlier this week wasn't enough, the angelic singer revealed this weekend via social media that she planned to reach out to Ocean and simply ask him to collaborate on a remix of her latest single “Good Days”, just like that. “Imma ask lol,” she wrote, as though she's got a text thread going with Ocean already. Who are we kidding? she probably has like the immeasurably cool girl she is.

While news of a collaboration would quite literally slap a big, fat, soulful-sized bandaid across all of the worlds issues for a fleeting moment, getting our hopes up is not something our nervous systems can afford right now, especially since Ocean is rather notorious for not quite following through. Like that time Call Me By Your Name director Luca Guadagnino said that he started and never finished filming a music video with him. Or back in January 2019 when he teased covering SZA's The Weekend, without another word, or better yet - note on the subject.

Perhaps the two might work as good pair though, we are after all still waiting on a follow up album from SZA's 2017 CTRL. Perhaps Ocean will accept, and they can release the track some 60 years on at my funeral - which I would rise from the dead to listen to. Good things come to those who wait!

While we twiddle our thumbs with literally nothing to do in the meantime, we recommend exploring the singers new GOODLINE hotline - which is the perfect place to shed a tear. "Uhh, random I made a hotline to cry n laugh n talk w chall," SZA captioned the video for her new project; which you can dial in at 888-808-0CRY.

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