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Peace has been restored – Joe Biden’s dogs Champ and Major have entered the White House

Joe Biden dogs White House

The past four years in American politics have been ruff... an already terrible situation made worse by the absence of a furry companion to help momentarily distract us all from the chaos. Thankfully, peace has finally been restored, with President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden's dogs, Champ and Major joining the pair at their new home, the White House. Is this what true joy feels like?

Obviously the goodest boys in all the land, Champ and Major strolled into the White House like it was no big deal and we are forever thankful to FLOTUS for documenting the monumental moment. What we would give to see these puppers play on that luscious lawn in real life. Frolic away boys, frolic away.


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If these wholesome images weren't enough to warm even the coldest of hearts, we simply cannot get over Major's adorable dog tag, which reads 'Major Biden'. These presidential four-legged friends deserve the utmost respect, which obviously involves referring to them by their full names and nothing less.

US Presidents have long upheld the tradition of having furry angels by their sides until president Donald Trump was elected into office in 2016. While we'd prefer not to dwell on those gruelling years, Joe Biden, Champ and Major mark a new era for dogs – and democracy – in the White House. When Biden's presidency was confirmed last November, we can only assume that Champ Biden was thrilled to be returning to the place he called home during the year's when Obama was president. Although Champ is a White House veteran, it was Major, however, who made headlines, becoming the first-ever shelter/rescue dog to live in the White House after being adopted by the Biden's in 2018.

It's been quite the week for the Biden's. Following the monumental inauguration last week, president Biden wasted no time on his first day in office in ensuring the American people knew where his priorities lie. The President signed a total of 15 Executive Orders and two agency actions aimed at reversing decisions made by his predecessor, including a promise to uphold federal protections for LGBTQ+ Americans. This decision is a telling indication of the type of presidency we can learn to expect from the Biden administration; and with two trusty doggos by his side, it looks like we're in for a good ride.

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