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Meet Sydney Sweeney, the perennial it girl sweetheart of ‘Euphoria’

Sydney Sweeney

Beware: Euphoria season spoilers ahead.


Well, we are the first to admit we struggle to find much we don't like about Sydney Sweeney. She could throw a tantrum in the girls bathroom, blotchy and red faced in a children's prairie costume and we'd quite rightly ask her to do it again. But as far as her peers at Euphoria high go, she is relatively tame and sweet natured. Soothing herself, with the classic female tropes that are oh so relatable to us, albeit a little obsessive. We can't say we've woken up at the crack of dawn recently to painstakingly tweeze our brows or attack our thighs with a Sephora loofah.

She may have been subordinate in the first season, but we have begun to see the extent of her unravelling, with the barometer of her moral compass pointing due Nate, her season 2 romantic counterpart du jour, and port in a love triangle shit storm with best friend Maddy. The chaos seems to be escalating with each episode – we've seen more tears than nipples and that's frankly important in a show like Euphoria. This of course, is largely thanks to her bravely asserting a cap of nudity on screen, an area she has been vocal about with series creator Sam Levinson. A true consent queen, and one of the many reasons we look up to her. But of course, there are many more reasons, and if you had any doubt, these facts below will be sure to sweeten your day.



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1. She's an academic

Admittedly in the show, her character Cassie is often depicted as someone not overly focused on academia like that of her studious sister Lexi. On the contrary, in real life Sydney is one smart cookie. She was the valedictorian of high school with both her parents working in the legal and medical field respectively. In an article with Coveteur, she revealed that studying was always on the agenda and this was important to her parents for her to follow their lead. As opposed to undertaking studies of the arts and performance, she studied business to get a better grasp on contracts for her eventual life in show business. Clever!



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2. She's a mechanic

Not long ago, the clever sleuths of Twitter unearthed Sydney's secret talent; that's right, the woman is a mechanic. Sweeney’s TikTok page, @syds_garage, went viral. From there, her loyal followers were able to follow her journey. Her account, which has gained over 456,000 followers, showcases her “working on the vintage car of her dreams”. In short clips we see her removing the roof of the car, tightening tires, and competently screwing various bolts. Even having one short clip explaining how she is completely replacing the cars transmission making it automatic. Just another reminder that girls can do it all including fixing up a 1969 Ford Bronco.

@syds_garage she’s finally driveable! sending her off to get reupholstered this weekend :) #bronco ♬ Fake - The Tech Thieves

3. She's an assertive queen

From a young age she's always been a go getter, even going so far as compiling a comprehensive list to her parents as to why she should be allowed to move to LA to pursue acting. So, when it comes to boldly asserting herself in Hollywood, she has no qualms. As previously mentioned, she disputed the level of unnecessary nudity in her Euphoria scenes, with creator Sam Levison. In an interview with Coveteur she said;

“I’m very proud of my work in Euphoria. I thought it was a great performance. But no one talks about it because I got naked,” she continued. “I do The White Lotus and all of a sudden critics are paying attention. People are loving me. They’re going, ‘Oh my god, what’s she doing next?’ I was like, ‘Did you not see that in Euphoria? Did you not see that in The Handmaid’s Tale?’ This is something that has bothered me for a while".


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4. She's had a long roster of roles before Euphoria

From seeing her emotionally fraught scenes on Euphoria, it's no surprise that the actress has some serious chops. In fact, her resume already includes a number of notable appearances including the hit series White Lotus and the Handmaid's Tale. Not to mention a stint in the music video world, and a bit part in Quentin Tarantino's Once Upon A Time in Hollywood.  Sweeney admits, sometimes it's hard for critics not to pigeonhole her in her roles after Euphoria; yet another reason she is actively looking forward to branching out into a variety of different roles going forward. With a few exciting projects currently in the pipeline, we know this is only just the beginning for this truly hard working Virgo queen!

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