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Sounds a lot like Tarantino is releasing a re-written novel of ‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’

once upon a time in hollywood

If you thought that Quentin Tarantino's most recent film, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood was lengthy, you probably didn't hear about the 20-hour version that the director made, still out there somewhere, unseen. In reality, it's probably for the best, but it doesn't mean Tarantino hasn't been working on something Once Upon a Time in Hollywood-related that takes over 20 hours to consume. That something is a novel, and the director has just released a trailer for the book with unseen cuts from the original film.

Entitled, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood: A Novel, the book will be Tarantino’s first-ever published work. A “complete rethinking” of the film’s narrative, as described by Tarantino, fans won't have to wait too long for its release, with a launch date of June 29.

As for the plot, you know the drill, but according to Tarantino, it's not what you think. “It’s not like, ‘Oh, okay, well he obviously had a few scenes left over, so he just took the screenplay and novelised it and threw in a few extra scenes," he said on the New Beverly’s Pure Cinema podcast. "It was a complete rethinking of the entire story and not just a rethinking as far as throwing in some scenes that were left out of the editing room. I did so much research.”

He also noted that the novel would shed deeper insight into the character's lives, their history, and their motivations, as well as set some of the rumours created in the original film, to bed. Like whether Brad Pitt’s character Cliff Booth killed his wife. “In the movie, Cliff is a real enigma, you’re kind of like, what’s this guy’s deal?” he said. “And one of the things in the book is, there’s these isolated chapters that tell you, like, this whole chapter will be about Cliff’s past. It goes back in time to tell you about Cliff at this point in time. And then you go further on with the normal run of the story and there’s another chapter that goes back in time and tells you about Cliff’s past. And every isolated chapter that’s just about Cliff’s past is like a weird little pulp novel unto itself starring Cliff.”

What a journey it will be! You can watch the trailer for Once Upon a Time in Hollywood: A Novel below.


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