The Super New Moon in Aries comes with a Solar Eclipse, here’s how it will affect you

Solar Eclipse

Our April New Moon is set to be an especially intense one. Not only does this transit fall during our current Mercury Retrograde but it brings with it a Super Moon and Solar Eclipse.

Arriving on 9 April, the Moon will be at its least visible point in the early hours of the morning at 4:20am AEST. Falling in Aries, our Moon is conjunct with the Sun, Mercury and Venus at this time. It's recipe for a uniquely intense experience. Especially if your natal chart is heavy in fire.


What to expect from the New Moon in Aries

New Moon are always the point of refresh in the Moon Cycle. Where the Full Moon is the energetic peak, the New Moon is the opposite. It is both the end of the old Moon Cycle and start of new one. A time of renewal, here is the most opportune moment to lay down your intentions and manifest with the Moon.

You'll need to keep a level head and clear mind at this time, as you reap what you sow. If you come into this period with negative energy, it will dominate the rest of you Moon Cycle. Be aware.


How the Super Moon and Solar Eclipse impacts this New Moon

Of course, this New Moon isn't like others. Firstly, it is a Super Moon, the point where the Moon is at its closest position to Earth. While we only get the full visual impact of a Super Moon during a Super Full Moon - this doesn't mean we don't feel the intensity of it when the Moon is new! Super Moons are said to amplify impacts you might normally experience at that point of the Moon Cycle. As such, this is an especially important moment to ensure you're taking the right energy with you into the coming weeks.

Things become more complex when we factor in the impact of the Solar Eclipse. Unfortunately, this is a spectacle that won't be visible to those closest to the front of the date line. Only those around Canada, America and Mexico will have a full view of the darkening Sun at this moment. For a solar eclipse to occur, the Moon must move in front of the Sun, meaning these bodies have to be conjunct - that is, they fall in the same sign. In this instance, our Sun and Moon are in Aries.

A Solar Eclipse can feel like a more intense version of a typical New Moon. Where a New Moon brings old energetic paths to a steady close, a Solar Eclipse will slam the door. It can have the impact of immediately cutting ties in relationships, with old careers and even can suddenly end friendships. At the same time, where the New Moon offers a chance to organise yourself and start fresh, a Solar Eclipse unveils unforeseen opportunities. Don't be surprised if a new job offer appears out of the blue. A new match could be coming on your dating app. Some unexpected cash may be coming your way too.


How to approach the New Moon in Aries

This moment becomes more complicated still when we look at the impact of Mercury Retrograde and Aries. The Moon in Aries joins the Sun, Mercury and also Venus in this fire sign. With so many bodies in this part of the sky, there is an unhealthy balance towards Fire Sign energy. All things are best in moderation, and our sky is currently offering all or nothing. While Aries brings us passion, connection and whimsy, this sign can also be heavy handed when it comes to aggression and brutal honesty - two particular traits that should be avoided during a Mercury retrograde.

The Moon rules our inner selves, the Sun rules our outer selves, Mercury of course rules our communications and Venus rules our love and money. With a strong Aries influence in all of these areas, it can be hard to resist the lure of its fiery tendrils. The best advice for any Mercury Retrograde is to always think before you speak, don't put anything risky in writing, be patient and give yourself extra time to travel anywhere. All of these are unfortunately the antithesis to Aries energy, so you will need to fight harder to position yourself in a safe space.

As the themes you take into the New Moon are the ones that will dominate your whole Moon Cycle, you will need to be very protective of your energy in this moment. Are you in a disagreement with a friend? Think hard about whether it's worth pushing your point, or whether it would serve you better just to move on? Is there a miscommunication at work? Will it benefit you to get involved, or will things run more smoothly if you let sleeping dogs lie? Has your partner said something clumsy? Will calling them out just start an unnecessary fight? Think about the result of anything you might want to say before you say it. You have the power to choose here, and it will always be best to only act on what serves you in the long run.

At the time, the Moon will forming and angry square with Pluto in Aquarius. This has the potential to inhibit some of the transformative impacts of this transit. Again, you will need to be mindful to only take in the energy that serves your long term goals. We also have Mars, Saturn and Neptune conjunct in Pisces which will see us taking a more creative approach to rules and responsibility. Just remember not to bend them too far. Mars in Pisces in particular will help to soften the harshness of Aries' desire to act without thinking. We should try to channel this spirit whenever we feel particularly overcome.

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Image by Abed Ismail on Unsplash