April’s Mercury Retrograde is fiery, here’s what you need to know

Mercury Retrograde in 2024

We've arrived at our first Mercury Retrograde of 2024 - maybe the second if you count the Mercury Retrograde that finished on 1 January 2024. This retrograde period runs from 1 April until 24 April - a three-week slump that has become increasingly central to many conversations around astrology.

For those who don't know, Mercury Retrograde is the phenomenon where Mercury appears to move backwards in the sky, owing to the particular angle of the planet to Earth at the time. This occurrence has gained significant attention in pop-astrology over the last few years and while many astro-buffs will be familiar with the concept of Mercury Retrograde, this particular transit will be particularly complicated.

Here's what you need to know.


What is Mercury Retrograde?

Astrologer Jules Ferrari describes Mercury Retrograde as time when "from the Earth’s perspective, as we move in our orbit around the sun, it appears as though Mercury is moving in an apparent retrograde motion (aka backwards)."

It's important to note here that Mercury isn't actually moving backwards. It just appears to do so thanks to the particular angles of the planets at this time.

Of course, all planets have retrograde periods. So why do we tend to hear about Mercury's the backwards spin the most? It's because the impact of this particular transit affects all aspects of our lives that are under Mercury's rule - and there are a lot. Mercury is the planet of communication, travel and transit, when Mercury falls into retrograde, these particular areas can be fraught with challenge. Anything that involves the movement from A to B, whether it's speech, car trips or even wifi, could be impacted.

Additionally, where as transits like Saturn Retrograde are more slow moving and transformative, Mercury Retrograde is more like a short whirlwind that causes just enough chaos that you can be picking up debris for weeks.


What to expect from the April 2024 Mercury Retrograde?

Any Mercury Retrograde is packed with surprises and challenges - the timing of this one presents some unique problems.

The main source of our complication is that this retrograde happens to fall during Aries season. This will be compounded by Mercury also falling in Aries at this time. We do love our high-energy and fun-loving Aries folk, but if you're friends with an Aries you'll know that they can be brash, competitive and sometimes aggressive. Add this abrasiveness to a communication-challenged period and you're going to have a tricky time.

The influence of Aries means that the typical pitfalls of Mercury Retrograde will be even more difficult to avoid. This is a time where your words will be misconstrued, even a hint of ambiguity could be misinterpreted. That blossoming romance? Well it's going to feel like it's going nowhere. Tempers will be high. Arguments will arise easily. Not just that, but you'll feel more inclined than usual to force everyone to see your side. Only it will be harder than ever for them to come around.

Transport challenge are common too. Spontaneous and passionate as they are, Aries is not the most punctual sign. But now is definitely not the time to be late. Missed trains and worse missed flights are on the cards if you're not extra conscious.

Then of course, there are the tech challenges. Broken phones, deleted documents, malfunctioning wifi are all extremely common mishaps during Mercury Retrograde. And they'll enrage you far more than normal.


How to approach Mercury Retrograde

The core message for this Mercury Retrograde is to think before you speak or act.

Aries is a sign that tends to say the first thing that comes to mind. While this honesty is part of the reason we love our Aries friends, now is the time to be more tactful. Although you may feel more heated and impassioned to defend yourself in arguments, you'll need to avoid saying anything that could be taken the wrong way. Have any and all difficult conversations in person or on the phone. And in any work scenario, you will absolutely need to follow up with an email.

Do not have any risky conversations during this time. Planning to ask for a payrise? Need to confront your sibling about something? Is a friend asking for advice regarding breaking up with their partner? Anything you say could be very easily taken the wrong way, so be extremely careful about what you say - and if you can, maybe wait until you've had time to consider your words.

Be very careful not to be a gossip. Your words will come back to bite you in the worst way. Aries energy does make us more passionate and even angry, but you must resist the urge to say things that may come back around to hurt you.

The whirlwind that Mercury Retrograde is, you'll feel rushed around and unable to find your feet. But you need to find a way to ground yourself or you're going to miss every appointment in your calendar. Plan for extra traffic, plan for big queues at the airport security line, Leave yourself plenty of time to get anywhere and everywhere.

You'll need to practice patience. Remember, you can only be affected by the energy you choose to accept. Actively reject and rid yourself of what doesn't serve you. Stop, pause and breathe.




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Image: Dall-E