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Stephen King’s horror ‘Christine’ about a different kind of killer car is coming to screens

stephen king christine

Legendary horror mastermind Stephen King’s 1983 novel Christine, is finally getting a revival in the form of a film. The news comes via Deadline, which reports that King will team up with Blumhouse, the production company responsible for future horror classics like Get Out, The Purge, Ma, Insidious and Us. New horror meets classic horror, equals an all-time kind of creepy match.

For those unfamiliar with the highly imaginative novel, Christine, follows a car with a murderous past and a mind of its own. Think Herbie but real dark. The 1958 Plymouth Fury is acquired by an elusive old man by Arnie, a geeky dude who begins to develop a bizarre overattachment to his car. When the old man who sold Christine to Arnie dies, his spirit (which is slightly more rage-y than imagined) is incarnated into Christine. When Arnie's bullies deface the car one day, Christine restores herself to good-as-new condition and speeds away to promptly murder them all. A bond like no other!

Bryan Fuller, who created Hannibal will write and direct the new adaptation, with Jason Blum, Vincenzo Natali and Steven Hoban set to produce.

With the announcement early, there is not much else to be known about the film thus far, however, Deadline reports that Fuller has a plan to go all out, as well as keep the film set in the 1970s time period it was initially set. There has been no release date or production commence date mentioned so far, but we'll be staying across the updates here, when they surface.

While this isn't the first time the classic has been adapted into a film (horror director John Carpenter's version was released in cinemas the very year the novel was published), it's been a long time since anyone has taken a swing at it. Let's hope Fuller can live up to the novel!

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