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Lorde has released the first song off her new album, titled, ‘Solar Power’, and it’s everything we hoped for

lorde solar power

One can safely say that since Lorde's last album, Melodrama, came out in 2017 (!!) fans have been waiting with bated breath to witness her return - and what a return she is teasing! Recently, the singer dropped an extremely hot cover artwork for her upcoming release, Solar Power; and now, just a few days later, her first single in four years has been released.

In the cover artwork, Lorde presents to us: her own ass in all its glory. Photographed by long time friend and collaborator  Ophelia Mikkelson Jones and her partner Ryder Jones, which they shared via Instagram alongside the caption "SOLAR POWER. photograph by us. Love you @lordemusicx" Precious!



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Now that we have had some time to digest and set the cover work as our phone screensavers, Lorde has sent us into shock once more, releasing her track, Solar Power and an accompanying music video; which is basically a hot girl summer's dream. Donning the most adorable yellow two-piece ensemble, she frolics amongst friends (?) on a beach that makes our yearning for European summer holidays that much greater.

Watch Lorde in her Solar Power music video below.

As for the actual music, team Lorde hasn't released any further information other than the first single and a brief statement noting, “Arriving in 2021… Patience is a virtue.” torturous, but hopeful. Although we now know that Solar Power is the name of one of her new songs, could it also be the name of the album? Who's to say? While Lorde stans go into overdrive investigating what it all means, there are a few clues we've picked up along the way.

We know that a new album is en route, Primavera's accidental announcement stating that she would perform new music in their 2022 lineup and also that the album title will be inspired by her trip to Antarctica, where it seems the Kiwi singer found a lot of inspiration for all things creative. We are also hoping that if the cover art and the name are any indication, we will be privy to another side of Lorde. One that is summery, fun, and highly sxc.

Although we don't have a full album tracklist yet, we can speculate that it's very likely Lorde has worked with Jack Antonoff -the co-writer and producer of Melodrama - on the new album. “Jack came over to work in the studio in Auckland, and I went to LA,” Lorde mentioned in a newsletter. “It flowed. A thing started to take shape. And then, of course, the world shut down.” Which means, hopefully, it has continued to take shape, just like her sculpted derrière!

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