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A battle of the sexes: Everything we know about Margaret Qualley’s new film ‘Sanctuary’


It's Margaret Qualley's world and we're just living in it, at least it very much feels this that way at the moment. The actress has been everywhere lately with no signs of slowing down. Ever since we saw her debut in Tarantino's Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, we've been slowly watching her evolution as an actress. We finally saw her take centre stage as her turn in Maid, where she really showed her dramatic acting chops, now it seems she's back unveiling her sexy new role in the film Sanctuary.

Sanctuary is the latest from producers David Lancaster and Stephanie Wilcox (Whiplash) and (Nightcrawler) telling the story of a dominatrix and her wealthy client over the course of one evening in a hotel room, where the stakes are considerably high. Highly charged and unexpected, if you like edge of your seat power play dynamics this is one to watch. Here, we've got all you need to know about the new film.


What is the plot of Sanctuary?

As we've mentioned, the film follows the story of a dominatrix Rebecca, played by Qualley and her client, Hal Christopher Abbot over the course of one evening in a hotel room. Hal who is about to inherit his late father’s position and fortune, attempts to end their relationship, but when this falls short, chaos ensues. The film is already being considered a wild battle of the sexes, ensured to bring up a lot of debate in this area.


Who is involved in Sanctuary?

As stated, Margaret Qualley and and Christopher Abbot will be both the central leads with Zachary Wigon set to direct. When discussing Qualley’s character, producer Stephanie Wilcox said it’s “one of the most compelling, complex female characters”. Qualley followed up by saying it “was also the perfect movie at the perfect time- very COVID-protocol friendly with such a contained cast and one location".


When is Sanctuary set to hit our screens?

As it stands, a release date for the film has not yet been revealed yet. In in the meantime, you can catch Qualley in Maid which is now streaming on Netflix.


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