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Need a scare? Australian horror ‘Talk to Me’ from A24 promises to deliver

talk to me

You wouldn't know it by looking at this sundrenched country, but Australia can dish out a good horror film. Talk To Me, a chilling new movie from Danny and Michael Philippou, first screened at Adelaide Film Festival in 2022 before heading to Sundance to have its world premiere. It wasn't the only Australian horror to debut in Utah, Run Rabbit Run with Sarah Snook was picked up by Netflix, but considering Talk To Me attracted the attention of A24, the production company responsible for Midsommar and Hereditary, it's safe to say we may have found the scariest film of 2023. Which is why we're bringing you everything to know about the film, below.

Who is involved?

As mentioned, Danny and Michael Philippou, known collectively as RackaRacka, are behind the project which was secured by A24 in January shortly after its Sundance premiere. Arguably, the best part of the film is that it comprises of a mostly Australian cast, with familiar faces like RUSSH March digital cover star, Sophie Wilde, who you may recognise from her work on Eden and Stan Original Film, The Portable Door. Along with Zoe Terakes of Nine Perfect Strangers fame, Miranda Otto, Joe Bird, Otis Dhanji and Chris Alosio.


The sinister plot of Talk To Me will ensure its spot alongside other Australian horror classics like The Babadook and Wake in Fright. The project sees Wilde play Mia, who attends a friend's party on the night of her mother's death anniversary as a means of distracting herself. At the party, however, her friends are gearing up for a seance, channeling the dead through an old embalmed hand. When Mia volunteers to have a turn, she opens up a door to the spirit world with disastrous consequences for all present. The movie follows Mia as she attempts to close the door before it's too late.


The trailer for Talk To Me will make your skin crawl. Don't believe me? Preview it below.

Release date

For the masochists, Talk To Me will premiere in theatres across Australia on July 27, 2023. Good luck.

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