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Nicole Kidman’s new cultic HBO series ‘Nine Perfect Strangers’ is almost here

nine perfect strangers

Nicole Kidman is back for another eerie miniseries, the trailer of which, was originally revealed as a surprise appearance of at the Oscars ceremony. In true Kidman fashion of late, the series, entitled Nine Perfect Strangers has been made involving Big Little Lies novelist Liane Moriarty and TV writer David E. Kelley - who also worked on BLL, as well as alongside Kidman for The Undoing - takes a very cultic turn. It seems the creepy train has well and truly left the station, and Kidman is the conductor for the foreseeable future.

Now the first episode of the series has dropped onto Amazon Prime and things are starting to heat up. We won't spoilt anything for you, but we have included the full teaser trailer that shows Kidman as a witchy wellness guru named Masha.

“I have been feeling rather unwell lately,” says Melissa McCarthy's character, playing one of several of Kidman's victims. But of course McCarthy isn't the only big name in this stacked cast. It also stars Luke Evans, Michael Shannon, Regina Hall, Tiffany Boone, Grace Van Patten, and Bobby Cannavale alongside our Aussie treasures Samara Weaving, Zoe Terakes and Asher Keddie.

One of many productions filmed in Byron Bay in 2020, the trailer shows Kidman presiding over her victims who are attending a 10-day retreat at Tranquillum House. They dine together, stretch, cry, open up, and even lie in shallowly-dug graves as Kidman appeals, “Surrender yourself to me,” she murmurs, peacefully clinking together a set of cymbals as she promises her disciples will be “transformed.”

It's quite the ride already, and who could be surprised with a trio like Moriarty, Kelley and Kidman. We are still recovering from The Undoing, and on the edge of our seats for Big Little Lies to miraculously return.

You can preview the Nine Perfect Strangers trailer for yourself below, and join us in finding out if it's as deranged as it looks. New episodes will be dropping every Wednesday.


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