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Our pick of the best 16 movies to stream right now on Amazon Prime

Best movies on Amazon Prime.

If you're anything like us, there's no end to your seemingly insatiable appetite for film. Whether it's replaying your ultimate feel-good films at home, rounding up your friends to grab tickets to the latest goofy rom-com at your local cinema, or spinning an archival classic film you managed to track down at a local garage sale on Blu-ray, film is a source of joy, of bringing together and the highest form of storytelling.

While it feels like every other month there's a new streaming service on the market, there's one that's been carving out prime real estate for itself. Amazon Prime hosts a plethora of great movies from every decade, and there's sure to be one to satiate your Saturday night. Below are our favourite films currently available on the streaming service.


1. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

A cultural touchstone, this is the film that catapulted the likes of Ang Lee and Michelle Yeoh into the ranks of Hollywood's elite. Set in 19th century Qing Dynasty China, the film harnesses masterful storytelling, deft martial arts fighting and sweeping scenery to deliver a piece of cinematic history.


2. Top Gun: Maverick

If you didn't get the chance to see this thrilling film in a cinema, you simply must watch it at home on your biggest screen and with the volume turned up to eleven. You don't have to be an aeroplane fanatic to become giddy with childlike joy watching Tom Cruise and his motley cast of fighter pilots navigate a near-impossible mission to save the day.


3. Manchester by the Sea

An affecting drama starring Casey Affleck and Michelle Williams, be prepared to run on an emotional decathlon. After the death of his elder brother, Lee is shocked to discover that he has been given sole guardianship of his teenage nephew. Reluctantly taking leave from his job, he returns to his hometown fishing village, Manchester-by-the-Sea, where his family has lived for generations.


4. Rosemary's Baby

For the cult horror fans among us, this is the film to watch. It's a classic for so many reasons, but Mia Farrow's committed and haunting performance is certainly up there.


5. Lost in Translation

Bill Murray at his best. And it's not a Wes Anderson movie! Directed by Sophia Coppola, this film encapsulates what she does best – a subtle balancing act of pathos with a sardonic sense of humour – and follows a lonely, ageing film star as he meets a young newlywed (Scarlett Johnasson) in an airport in Tokyo.


6. Bend It Like Beckham

Young Keira Knightly shines in this delightful movie about girls kicking ass on the soccer field, and the power of female friendship off of it. When Jess Bharma's strict parents won't let her play soccer, she must hide that she's been scouted and recruited for a semi-pro team (and that she's falling for the coach).


7. Whiplash

Whiplash is an intriguing and gut-wrenching look at the anatomy of the 'obsessed' artist. The film is not for the faint of heart, and requires some serious decompression time to get your heart rate down after nearly two hours of anxiety-inducing dialogue, drum beats and action sequences. There's not a scene nor a beat out of tempo in this one.


8. The King's Speech

Colin Firth gives one of his best performances as King George VI, ascending to the throne and struggling against a debilitating speech impediment that threatens to undermine his influence. It's a rousing period drama starring some of our favourite period drama actors, like Geoffrey Rush and Helena Bonham Carter.


9. It's a Wonderful Life

A film traditionally watched each year at Christmas time, but perhaps it's worth a viewing at other times of the year. The film's story – about a man wishing never to have been born and having that very wish granted, as an angel shows him what life could have been like without his existence – is a gentle reminder of all the things we have to be grateful for, if only we could just open our eyes to them.


10. Heathers

A dark and cynical cult film from the 80s starring Winona Ryder as a popular high school student who begins to murder fellow students with the help of her teenage boyfriend. It's iconic plot, lines and costumes have been re-adapted and riffed-off for decades since (here's looking at you, the 'Chanels' of Scream Queens), so it's well worth watching the original – even if it's just for the cultural capital.


11. The Breakfast Club

Speaking of cult 80s films, you really can't go past The Breakfast Club. When a misfit crew of teenagers get sent to Saturday detention, egos clash as their differing perspectives on life don't allow them to see eye to eye. But as the day goes on, and after a few rambunctious attempts to break out, they soon begin to feel their walls come down and form an unexpectedly tender bond.


12. Rocky

Rocky is arguably Sylvester Stallone's most iconic role – I say arguably because this is the man who was also Rambo. The iconic story of underdog boxer getting a chance to fight the world heavyweight champion is a tale about respect, dedication and glory.


13. Dazed and Confused

The original indie movie where "nothing really happens", Dazed and Confused follows groups of Texan teenagers in the 70s as they get ready to celebrate the last day of school with a party of epic proportions. It's also a chance to see a young Matthew McConaughey make his to-this-day iconic 'Alright, alright, alright' remark.


14. Licorice Pizza

Paul Thomas Anderson's coming-of-age flick starring the fresh-faced Haim sisters in their first-ever movie acting roles is, in a word, charming. The film follows young Alana Kane (played by Alana Haim) and Gary Valentine (Cooper Hoffman) grow up and fall in love in California's San Fernando Valley in the 1970s. It's also got one of the best movie soundtracks in recent years – think Nina Simone, Sonny & Cher and Bowie.

15. True Grit

The John Wayne adaptation of this western is a period piece whereby a fiesty and vengeful 14-year-old Mattie Ross and a US Marshall hire a Texas Ranger to track down her father's killer.


16. Titanic

James Cameron's larger-than-life, Best Picture-winning film is a must-see (or see again). Young Leo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet are unmatched in their on-screen chemistry, and you can get a chance to (once again) scream that there is enough room for two on that damned floating door!


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