When are all the planetary retrogrades in 2024?

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Pop astrologists love to blame miss Mercury Retrograde for just about every mishap under the Sun. But it's more than just Mercury that goes into retrograde. Every planet in our Solar System will go into retrograde at one point or another.

Retrogrades mark the period where a celestial body appears to move backwards in the sky, owing to the particular angle it makes to Earth at that time. Some retrogrades hit us hard and fast for just two weeks. Some others can slowly drag us along for six months or more.

2024 brings us 10 periods of retrograde (11 if you count the Mercury Retrograde that ended on 1 January), so you will need to be alert to what's happening in the skies. Below, we detail the dates of every planetary retrograde in 2024 - and what they'll mean for you.


2024 retrograde dates

Uranus Retrograde - 29 August 2023 - 27 January in Taurus

Mercury Retrograde - 1 April - 25 April in Aries

Pluto Retrograde - 2 May - 12 October starting in Aquarius and ending in Capricorn

Saturn Retrograde - 29 June - 15 November in Pisces

Neptune Retrograde - 2 July -  7 December in Pisces

Mercury Retrograde - 5 August - 28 August starting in Virgo and ending in Leo

Uranus Retrograde - 1 September - 30 January 2025 in Taurus

Jupiter Retrograde - 9 October - 4 February 2025 in Gemini

Mercury Retrograde - 26 November - 15 December in Sagittarius

Mars Retrograde - 6 December - 24 February starting in Leo and ending in Cancer


Retrogrades explained

Mercury Retrograde

Short and sharp, Mercury retrogrades are like a whirlwind. As Mercury is the messenger planet, these retrogrades have the propensity to disrupt communications and travel. Expect travel delays, arguments and miscommunications. Best advice during this time is to never put anything risky in writing, don't gossip and always leave yourself extra time to travel.


Venus Retrograde

Only occurring once every 18 months, there isn't actually a Venus Retrograde in 2024 - so we are lucky to avoid the turmoil that this transit can bring. Venus rules love and money, and when it moves into its backwards spin our romantic lives can disintegrate quickly. Likewise, it's common that this retrograde can bring some financial issues. But there is a silver lining. As this isn't one of the longer more impactful retrogrades, any problems tend to be transitory rather than long-term fractures.


Mars Retrograde

Mars is our planet of sex, passion, action. This means that when Mars rolls into its retrograde every 26 months, we can often lose motivation for just about everything. You won't feel like going to the gym, getting up early will be too hard and you may even find your libido drop. You will have to find ways of staying energetic and beating the lethargy as this retrograde can run for over two months.


Jupiter Retrograde

Roughly once a year, Jupiter moves into retrograde. It's a slow-moving, 120-day process that stands in contrast to some of the short retrograde transits. Jupiter rules luck and good fortune, but it would be an oversimplification to say this time brings just back luck and misfortune instead. Rather Jupiter Retrograde is a time to recalibrate. This is a time to reflect on where you are and make the changes you need to make in order to set yourself back on the right path.


Saturn Retrograde

Saturn is the planet of boundaries, responsibility and karma and when this planet goes into retrograde, it often comes with a teachable moment. This retrograde is meditative, it is an opportunity to explore the structures in your life. Rather than wanting you to abandon responsibility, this retrograde will have you carefully considering why this responsibility exists in the first place. Ultimately, you could come out the other side with a huge degree of personal growth, you just need to be willing to put in the work.


Uranus Retrograde

Uranus' backwards movement runs for about five months, so you'll be happy to hear this is one we should actually look forward to. Uranus is a humanitarian, it rules progressiveness, innovation and freedom. Uranus is known for bring surprises, whether you're ready for them or not. We shouldn't look at this as a moment to turn these elements on their head. Rather this retrograde tends to mellow out the traditional influence of Uranus. Rather than forcing change or rebellion, when Uranus is in retrograde, we're all invited to embrace newness in our own time.


Neptune Retrograde

Dominating the latter half of 2024, Neptune Retrograde often numbs the typical influence of this planet. Neptune is our spiritual guide, ruling fantasy, dreams and intuition. So, when this planet moves backwards in the sky, there is a two-fold impact. We might feel ourselves lose our creative edge and find our intuition might be clouded. On the flip side, Neptune's retrograde does an excellent job of unmasking mistruths and removing distractions from our paths.


Pluto Retrograde

Ruler of transformation and change, it's only natural that Pluto's retrograde would be a moment of rebirth. It is a time to purge your mind, body and soul of the things that don't serve you. Here, you might find that old wounds resurface if you have not properly dealt with them. Don't delay, clean house, or they'll just come back around during the next Pluto backspin.



Image: Evan Leith on Unsplash

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