Saturn Retrograde is the perfect time to sort out your life admin and shed unhelpful distractions

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I sense the collective *sigh* every time another planet decides to shimmy into retrograde, but some of the press is definitely a little too jaded for my liking. Saturn Retrograde in Pisces begins on June 30 until November 15 2024. But hey, Saturn, the planetary Zaddy who demands us to take our supplements and fight to achieve our goals by hook or by crook, can actually help us get more well-adjusted to our long term vision. Saturn Retrograde can support us to clean up our life admin and shed all of the unhelpful distractions. There’s no point in setting goals if they are out of soulful alignment, right? Particularly as it’s in the most mystic sign of them all, Pisces. So, let’s get into the heart of the lessons we’ll be baking in for the next few months. The last time Saturn was in retrograde was between June 17, 2023, and November 4, 2023, so take a trip down memory lane and see if you absorbed any Saturnian wisdom you can bring forth into the here and now.


Checking if our goals are in soulful alignment

Sometimes if we keep knocking on a door and there’s no answer, and we’re exhausted in the process, the only smart answer is to take a pause. There’s wisdom in knowing that maybe you’re talking to the wrong audience and just need to change who you’re speaking to. It’s not that you’re not on the right track. There’s a fine line between knowing when to push ahead no matter what opposition you’re facing and knowing when to take a detour. Sit with yourself and see what feels right. Journal it out or ask a mentor for some feedback. When Saturn is in retrograde, you don’t have to rush. In fact, you’re rewarded for just taking some time out of the rat race. If you’re feeling the pressure to keep up on the social climbing ladder, just know that the only person you’re in competition with is you. So, what is it all worth if you’re burnt out?


Remembering the joy of simply creating

Pisces, the most fluid water sign in the zodiac, is naturally open to channeling creative ideas from ‘out there,’ whether that’s the collective unconscious, the soul, or the ethers. So, Saturn in Pisces adds an extra punch to surrender to your creative impulses without trying to dictate where they’re leading you. In a culture that loves to package up our creative gifts and make them ‘marketable’ the most revolutionary act you can do is to create for the joy of it and nothing else. If you have a rejected creative inner child underneath your adult suit, create an environment for them to feel confident to just pick up the paintbrush once again.


Knowing that work should be more about play than anything else

Even though Saturn is the archetype of the ‘workhorse,’ some of us may actually feel a little deflated at our career trajectory. We might assess whether we can really grow where we are, or if the hiring manager spoon-fed us a bowl of fables. And, if things are feeling a little too heavy the wise old wizard Alan Watts once said, “Don’t make a distinction between work and play. Regard everything that you are doing as play. Don’t imagine for one minute that you’ve got to be serious about it.”


Topping up on your spiritual grounding

The symbolic fish, the emblem for the Pisces sign with each of them swimming in opposite directions, represents a deeper meaning. One interpretation could be that we are two things at once: soul and ego. Saturn in Pisces is all about ‘spiritual mastery.’ To function healthily in our busy and chaotic world, we need rituals and practices that help us harmonize and balance the two. You can ponder on this: ‘What rituals or practices help you feel centered and connected to your soulful or authentic self?’ or ‘Describe the symptoms you feel when you need to ground yourself in the present moment?’





Photo by Jeremy Thomas on Unsplash

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