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We’re bringing Regencycore to our own abodes

The world of regency has returned, just in time, with season 4 of Bridgerton Though let us be clear, there's a universe of period shows to unwind to that are just as scintillatingly good. Yet perhaps we crave an ever deeper immersion into the world of historic opulence and frills. What else could satiate the love for the heyday more than bringing the interior right into our own homes? For your consideration, we're turning to our own hearths for a boost of much-needed flair. It can be hard replicating the aesthetic into the parameters of the modern day. That is why we've started from the belly-up for embellishments and pieces big and small to start. There's boudoirs to be bedecked. There are frilly furnishings for all your ornate needs.

Stress not, fair maiden. For your perusal, look no further than below. We simply couldn't resist.

For bright flushes of colour...

Colour is a signifier of class. Colour speaks, and wealth whispers. For the bespoke addition to your home, we feel strongly about a light pastel rug in baby blue and ivory.  In the mood for something chintzier? This Miss Amara blue and ivory carpet is perfectly remniscient of your best fine china. This Hommey wine-red faux fur pillow is just right for reclining and nursing a glass in the same hue. In the mood to rest? A velvety soft midnight blue cushion will transport you to any realm befitting a regent of your station. To set the table, these No.22 lime-green glasses for a zingy touch from any era.

For just the right amount of pomp and flair...

There's nothing that says period piece like an eye-catching statement. And for smaller pieces, crystal is the way to our hearts. This crystal-cut Waterford low bowl could garnish any table for the right occasion. Match that with delicate stemmed martini glasses, and you've got yourselves a soiree. A Tom Dixon wingback chair is for the comportment and posture you'd need, and curling by the fireside. For your rings, a bed to rest with this bespoke ring holder. If we want to go literal, a book to adorn your surfaces. We recommend The Benevolent Society of Ill-Mannered Ladies.   Or, even more glaringly: The Viscount Who Loved Me. 


For all your dimmed lighting needs...

The gloves are really coming off with this vintage Ingo Maurer Lucellino desk lamp. What better to take flight with? This Campari Pendant lamp is a hard-hitter as well, in jelly-red. A crowning piece: This pendant lamp hand-shaped in Romania. You could almost partake in court under these. Your treasury isn't quite up to par for any of these offerings? Have no fear. Who even had lamps back in the day? A table brimming with candles is your best bet. We like Aesop's hand-dripped offerings the best. This Glasshouse wild peony assortment is also what we'd imagine Penelope Featherington would light in her chambers. Make use of both by seating them in a hand-cut crystal candle holder. 


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