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The major announcements from Apple’s WWDC 2024

WWDC 2024

Each year, Apple's developer event WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference) showcases what will soon be coming to a screen near you. While the beginning of the year brings new computers, and September brings new phones, June's WWDC is all about the software that powers these device.

The 2024 event saw some game-changing new developments - and of course AI integrations. If you want to know what will be coming to an Apple device near you, here are all the major announcements from WWDC 2024.


Apple Intelligence

It's Apple's answer to AI, coming to iPhone, iPad and Mac. In essence, the system can take actions across apps and programs and can use context to simplify your tasks. For example, Apple Intelligence can rewrite, proof read and summarise text across apps like Mail, Notes and other third-party apps.

The most exciting new capabilities off the back of Apple Intelligence are the Image Playground which can help generate or enhance images; and also new features in photo including including natural language search.


ChatGPT comes to Apple

Siri will be able to tap into ChatGPT to answer queries. It will also be integrated through Apple's writing tools to provide writing support, this includes the image generation function, allowing users to generate images to add to their writing if they please. Users will be able to access the tools for free without an account, but if you do have a premium ChatGPT account, you can connect it so your premium features will carry over.


iOS 18, iPad iOS 18 and macOS Sequoia

Welcome to iOS 18 and Sequoia for Mac. This year Apple sought to find new ways for users to customise their devices and most of the new features deliver on this theme.

iOS 18 will allow for customisable home screens and an app icon lock with Face ID. It also expands dark mode and integrates smart device controls directly into the Control Centre. There will also be a redesign of the photos app, with new collections to help users browse images by theme. Some of the privacy enhancements include locked and hidden apps, offering users the ability to disguise an app and hide its content from search and notifications.

iPad OS 18 will inherit many of the features from iOS 18 but it boasts some of its own too. To complement the new iPad hardware, iPad OS will now have dedicated calculator app and a floating toolbar that works across multiple built-in apps.

macOS Sequoia will allow for iPhone mirroring, a feature that enhances the connection between iPhones and Macs. There will also be upgrades to Safari and more availability of games for gamers.


Improved Apple Watch health tracking

Some new health tracking features are coming for Apple Watch. One in particular, Training Load, will factor in the length and intensity of your workouts over 28 days. You'll then be able to get an effort rating for each of your workouts so you can see how hard you worked out compared to your normal rates. You'll also be able to compare a 7-day load to a 28-day load which can give you insights on whether you need to push harder, taper off or keep your intensities the same.

Rest days have also been introduced in your fitness tracking, so you won't break a streak if you're sick. Cycle tracking will be updated to allow pregnant users to show gestational age. Plus, there's a new Vitals app that will track and show your overnight wellness metrics like heart rate, respiratory rate, wrist temperature, sleep duration, and blood oxygen.


A new and improved Siri

Apple Intelligence is the powering force behind the new version of Apple's assistant, Siri. Siri will have increased natural language understanding and will be able to maintain context from one request to the next. It can also search across apps and synthesise the details. You could ask something like "when is Mum's flight landing" and Siri can find the flight details from your email or calendar and cross reference to real-time flight tracking. Very helpfully, Siri can now give device support, meaning you can ask Siri how schedule an email or even how to switch from light to dark mode.


Schedule messages

Yes, in the same way you can schedule an email, the new OS allows users to schedule iMessages.


Passwords app

Apple is building its own password storage app, probably the most necessary change. Shared passwords are a major cause of breaches and hacks. But unfortunately, we're not built to remember this many unique passwords. Apple is now going to help you store and use them all.


Tap to transfer

Need to transfer someone money for drinks? The Apple payments app has a new feature that allow you to initiate a money transfer by holding your phone against someone else's.


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