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Apple announced its 2024 iPad lineup – here’s what you need to know

Happy new iPad day to all who celebrate. This year, Apple have stepped up the processing power of their iPad suite, making the choice of laptop vs iPad is more of a personal preference than ever. The 2024 updates mean that many users could easily run their work days or university work entirely through iPad devices - and thanks to the M2 and M4 chips - not lack any essential processing power.

Here are the most important updates to the 2024 iPad lineup.


New M4 chip

The next generation of Apple chips is here, introducing M4. If you're someone who recently moved to an M2 or M3 chip computer, you will have experienced the increased speed and processing power. I personally have just moved to M3; as an example some processing tasks on Photoshop that used to take 20-30 seconds each now happen instantaneously. According to Apple, the M4 will be even more powerful than M3, delivering a big leap in performance notably when editing videos and images. It's going to be an amazing tool for those in the creative industries, killing performance lag and edit delays.


A new iPad Pro

First things first, what's new? Well, this iPad is thinner. In fact, according to Apple it's the thinnest Apple product ever. It also contains the new M4 chip. It also comes with an advanced display that Apple has crowned the "world's most advanced display". The Ultra Retina XDR display features state-of-the-art tandem OLED technology, offering incredible brightness, contrast, and colour accuracy.

The camera received an update too. "The updated camera system on the new iPad Pro delivers even more versatility, and with its rich audio from four studio-quality mics, users can shoot, edit, and share all on one device," said Apple. Throw in the mix new iPadOS features like Stage Manager, full external display support, and powerful AI capabilities, and you have a compact device that is more powerful than most laptops. There will be 11-inch and 13-inch sizes available.


iPad Air has the M2 Chip

The iPad Pro is now one of the most powerful computing devices on the market. But the average user won't always need the full suite of bells and whistles that accompany this product. Just as the average user would have all their needs covered by the new Macbook Air, the typical user might sway towards the iPad Air over the Pro - and this device has received some important updated accordingly.

The previous Air had the A14 Bionic chip but now it's been upgraded to the M2. For iPad Air users, the M2 will meet all the processing requirements, and then some! It means it will be more powerful than many laptops on the market. The Air will also support the updated Apple Pencil Pro. The familiar 11-inch size returns, but the Air now also has a 13-inch model. There's also increased Wi-Fi and cellular connectivity for an improved and more seamless experience.


Apple Pencil gets an upgrade too

Apple Pencil Pro features new interactions, including a new sensor in the barrel that can sense a user's squeeze to bring up a tool palette that allows you to switch line weights and colours. It's been fitted with a gyroscope that allows users to roll the pencil with more control. Additionally, the Apple Pencil Pro now can be added to Find My for the first, excellent news for anyone who tends to misplace their pencil amongst desk clutter.


A new Magic Keyboard

You can't have an iPad suite upgrade without a new magic keyboard. Apple's new iteration of the popular iPad accessory is now thiner and far lighter than before. It also includes a function row for access to features like screen brightness and volume controls, allowing for laptop-level functionality.


Head to Apple to order today.


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