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Dyson’s Wash G1 isn’t your ordinary mop

Dyson Wash G1

You'd be hard pressed to call Dyson's latest innovation a mop. The new Wash G1 is almost the antithesis of a mop.

When Dyson's team were in the process of creating the new wet cleaning device for floors, they looked at everything wrong with mops and used this as their inspiration. The cumbersome bucket, the maintenance and cleaning of the mop pads, the fact that most mops simply slosh dirty water around the floor, contaminating rather than cleaning.... The result is a seriously impressive device that almost every household will want in their laundry cupboard.

The Wash G1 exists in the same format as Dyson's beloved V-series vacuums. It's a cordless, stick device that runs on battery charge. It works using a pump system that dampens two fabric rollers that spin to clean up dirt and grime. As the rollers spin they're combed and cleaned of any debris and dirty water before being redampened, ready to roll again. The large debris is moved into a trap, while the dirty water is filtered into a separate container, away from the rollers and clean water to avoid contamination.

The result is a hard-floor cleaning tool that can eliminate even the stickiest spills. I personally watched the Wash G1 completely remove splodges of stuck-on honey in just one pass.

The best part? The Wash G1 is self-cleaning. There's no need to remove the rollers and wash them, that happens automatically. All you need to do when you're finished cleaning is to empty the dirty water into the sink, and toss the debris from the trap into the bin.


How does it all work?

Like other Dyson devices, the Wash G1 is a product of years of innovation. The rollers are made from highly-absorbent microfibre filament rollers that counter-rotate for a high-powered clean. Importantly, the rollers microfibres tightly packed so once a spill is picked up, no dirt escapes. In fact the microfibre material has 64,800 filaments per square centimetre.

The dirty water is pulled from the rollers by extraction plates which scrape the rollers clean, while the larger particles are swept off by secondary nylon-bristled inner brush bars. This larger debris is then flicked straight into the removeable debris tray made of 500-micron mesh. This fine mesh allows the dirty water to pass through where it can then be pulled away by an extraction pump and collected in a separate tank.

There is a hydration control option which allows you to control exactly how much water is applied to the rollers. Some hard floors require more water to clean than others, and the Wash G1 allows you the ability to customise your clean in this regard.

After you're done with your clean, there is a self-cleaning mode which saturates both rollers with clean water on the highest boost
setting. This flushes the entire system in preparation for the next clean.

Microbiologist and former academic Dr. Cameron Jones (PhD) said the Dyson Wash G1 allows people to create a safer home by "dramatically cutting down on the potential spread of infectious agents and allergens that are often carried in by shoes and resuspended by everyday activities.

"This is not just about cleanliness; it's about ensuring a healthier living space in the face of invisible threats that lurk in our most intimate environments.”


How much is it and where can you buy it?

The Dyson Wash G1 retails for $999 and is available on the Dyson website now.


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