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5 compact SUVs and crossovers to know and love

Best Compact SUVs

There's a reason that compact SUVs and crossover cars are steadily becoming the new norm. The dualities of modern life mean than an average day involves city-street parking, pilates classes, grocery hauls, school drop off and everything in between. The monster SUV is not a practical solution for urban spaces, yet a classic sedan simply does not have enough space for groceries and your gym bag without feeling cramped.

Compact SUVs reflect how we live day-to-day, allowing us the freedom to park in the city but also carpool down the the beach. It's truly no surprise that just about every car manufacturer has its own answer to the compact SUV or cross. In fact, in the last few years, this car category has become one of the most exciting, with plenty of new luxury and design-focused options. If you're in the market for a new set of wheels or just adding to a dream wishlist, these are the design-led compact SUVs to know.


Volvo EX30

Volvo EX30

The newest addition to the Volvo family, this compact SUV is the all-electric little sister to the XC40. The sleek design is timeless without looking like everything else on the road. As is typical for Volvo, these cars come with all the bells and whistles - there's no need to spend time adding on thousands of dollars of add-ons in order to curate a luxury experience. The only noticeable difference between the base and the top spec is that one has a sportier twin motor. But the base model has slight more electric range at 462km compared with 445km.

I would argue that Volvo is one of the most sustainable car brands on the market, not just because of its stake in the electric car market, but because of the practices across the business which go from using recycled wood to outfit the showrooms right down to sustainable financing. As such, the Volvo EX30 is the best option for climate-conscious consumers.


Lexus LBX

Lexus LBX

If a full electric car is not for you, the Lexus LBX should be one of the first crossover vehicles on your list. It's a petrol car with a hybrid engine that makes this one of the most efficient petrol cars on the road. This sporty crossover model is a pleasure to drive and could convert even those most resistant to electrified cars.

The luxurious design and impressive list of features mean you'll be very surprised when you hear the price. From $47,550 plus on roads, it's an extremely agreeable price point for the level of luxury this vehicle offers.


Cupra Formentor

Cupra FormentorCupra is a design-led brand first and foremost, so it's no surprise that the Formentor stunningly envy-inducing cars on the market right now. Features like the matte detailing and copper accents highlight Cupra's commitment to prioritising form alongside function. Of course, it comes with all the features you'd expect of a car of this calibre like parking assist and a panoramic sunroof.

There's a petrol option but also a plug-in hybrid iteration for those concerned about fuel economy and their environmental impact. Bookings are required to test drive.


Megane E-Tech

Megane E-TechThis all-electric crossover is one of the most impressive all-electric cars in Australia right now. For naysayers who insist all electric cars compromise on performance, the Megane E-Tech will have you eating your words. This minimal but well-appointed vehicle embodies everything we love about French design, with clean lines and luxe touches.

A conscious choice, all of the cloth and leather-like trim are made from recycled materials and no rare-earth metals are used in the motor. Of course, it comes with a 5-star ANCAP safety rating and features like adaptive cruise control.


Volkswagen T-Roc

Volkswagen T-RocThis style-conscious answer to the compact SUV is popular for a reason. The T-Roc has a number of customisations and add-ons allowing you curate your experience, only paying for the options you want and leaving out the rest. Offering options like adaptive cruise control, rear-view cameras and sensors and collision avoidance.

The T-Roc is a petrol car, an option for those who aren't ready to move to an electric model yet. It comes with a 5-year unlimited kilometre warranty plus 24-hour roadside assist for the first year, offering peace of mind. It's an option that balances style with value.



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