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It’s officially all over! RUSSH highlights our favourite moments from Paris Fashion Week Spring Summer 2022


This season we welcomed (with open arms of course) the return back to some fashion week normalcy, ushering in the return of in-person runway shows after our painful 18 month hiatus. And so we witnessed; whether it was Balenciaga and its now infamous The Simpsons episode or to the theatrics of Chanel in staging the perfect paparazzi runway, it seemed as though everyone was back. And of course - in full force. As yes, there definitely is a lot of lost time to make up for.

And pure drama and chaos it was. It seemed as though everyone had been itching to return to a post-pandemic fashion life, even our designers as they all charged fearlessly over the top. From the beautiful yet sculptural gothic (Eyes Wide Shut anyone?) theatrics pulled by Nicolas Ghesquière and Louis Vuitton, Paris Fashion Week also had us warmly embracing the return of a low slung mini in all of its bare midriff-ed glory as seen at Miu Miu's Spring Summer 2022 debut.

And of course, as we move down the Paris Fashion Week schedule, we were met by none other than Matthew M. Williams and Givenchy, with fierce being an understatement as per usual. As Givenchy made it back to the runway in all its military panache, Loewe also struck out a limelight as a seasoned favourite.

So here below, as we come to the closing of another season; RUSSH editors round up our favourite looks and moments from Paris Fashion Week to bid the week a warm farewell.



Chanel Spring Summer 2022



Louis Vuitton Spring Summer 2022



Loewe Spring Summer 2022



Miu Miu Spring Summer 2022



Balenciaga Spring Summer 2022



Givenchy Spring Summer 2022



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