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Jacob Elordi is branching out from playing toxic men – his upcoming project is a war film

Jacob Elordi Oh, Canada

Some of you might be sick of seeing Jacob Elordi on your screens, but here at RUSSH, we are not those people. Sue us for finding a 6'5"-tall Australian man an absolute delight! (Even when he seems to continuously star in roles that depict problematic, toxic men...) So, when we learned the news this morning that the Euphoria star would be starring in a new film titled Oh, Canada, we knew immediately that this was a story we had to get our hands on.

Here's everything we know so far about the upcoming film.


What is Oh, Canada about?

Based on the 2021 novel, Foregone, written by bestselling author Russell Banks, Oh, Canada follows the life of famed documentary filmmaker, Leonard Fife, who fled Canada as a young man to avoid the Vietnam War draft. We must say, we're thrilled to see Elordi branch into the war film category!

“As Fife battles cancer in Montreal during his twilight years, he agrees to a final interview,” the film’s synopsis reads. “Intent on revealing his long-guarded secrets and demystifying his mythologised life, Fife’s shocking confession unfolds amidst the presence of his wife, Emma, his devoted former student Malcolm MacLeod, and a team of filmmakers capturing this profound moment.”


Who else has been cast in Oh, Canada?

While we're certainly keen on seeing Elordi in this role, the cast for Oh, Canada is certainly set up to be a blockbuster hit. Richard Gere will take on the role of an elderly Fife, with Uma Thurman portraying his wife Emma, and everyone's favourite Soprano star, Michael Imperioli as MacLeod. Paul Schrader will also step into the director's chair under Arclight Films.

“With the incredible talent of Paul Schrader at the helm and our superb cast led by Richard Gere, Jacob Elordi, Uma Thurman and Michael Imperioli, the stars have truly aligned,” said Arclight Films chairman Gary Hamilton.


What other films does Jacob Elordi have in the works?

Elordi has certainly been at the top of his game recently, and Oh, Canada is just another notch in his growing film belt. Continuing on from the success of Saltburn and Sofia Coppola's Priscilla, Elordi is also starring as Frankenstein in Guillermo del Toro's upcoming adaptation, and is revisiting his Nate Jacobs' persona for his role in He Went That Way.


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