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Hunter Schafer is set to make her film debut, starring in the upcoming horror film, ‘Cuckoo’

Hunter Schafer Cuckoo

By now, the majority of the population has either tuned in, or at least heard of HBO's hit television series, Euphoria. If you happen to make up the small percentage of those who haven't, it's about time you catch up. Aside from the gripping and moving storyline; it didn't take long for us to fall in love with the show's characters either, who have become pop culture icons in their own right. Hunter Schafer and her character Jules certainly make that list, so when we found out that she was confirmed to star in a new horror film, Cuckoo, we were immediately intrigued.

For those wondering, yes, this marks Schafer's first movie role and it's no small feat. Schafer is starring alongside Crazy Rich Asians and Eternals actor, Gemma Chan; with the legendary John Malkovich also in the mix. Schafer is amongst some of the industry's a-listers; which is exactly where she deserves to be. Also confirmed to play a role in the film are Sofia Boutella (Modern Love), Zita Harnot (The Hook Up Plan), and Jan Bluthardt.

At this point in time, there is very little information on what Cuckoo is about. What we do know is that Tilman Singer is writing and directing the film; and that production is set to begin in 2022. Which sadly, means that we will still be waiting quick some time for Cuckoo to drop. Singer is no stranger to horror films – having also directed the 2018 supernatural thriller, Luz.

We also know that Neon, the production company behind both Parasite and Spencer will be lending a hand in the project; so we can rest assured Cuckoo will be receiving some first class production treatment.

At this rate; we'll probably get the season two of Euphoria before anymore information on Hunter Schafer and her film debut in Cuckoo is dropped. Stay tuned for more details to come.


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