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Jacob Elordi stars as a cold-blooded killer in this new film – and Nate Jacobs would be proud

he went that way

Sorry everyone. If you thought Jacob Elordi had retired from complicated roles (think: sociopathic teen or a troubled rock star) given his charming, sympathetic appearance in Saltburnyou were wrong. Regular programming has resumed and the Australian actor will soon appear on our screens as a cold-blooded killer. Introducing: He Went That Way – a film that follows Nate Jacobs as an adult, probably.

What's the film about?

Riffing on the classic buddy comedy, He Went That Way is set in 1964 and loosely based on a true story in which celebrity animal trainer Dave Pitts and his famous companion, the chimpanzee Spanky, pick up a 19-year-old while travelling a desolate stretch of Route 66. That teen turns out to be a serial killer named Bobby, played by Elordi, who is a fictional stand-in for the infamous Larry Lee Ranes.

The film follows Dave, Spanky and Bobby across their fateful three-day encounter, in which Dave becomes the sole survivor of Rane's killing spree. Aside from being inspired by this true story, the film draws ideas from Luke Karamazov, the 1987 novel by Conrad Hilberry.

Who is involved?

Besides Elordi, the main cast comprises Zachary Quinto and Patrick J Adams. It's the final film from Australian cinematographer and director Jeffrey Darling who died in March 2022, and was known for his work on films like The Crossing and Young Einstein.

Is there a trailer?

Sure is. Find the trailer to He Went That Way below and enjoy Elordi's American drawl.

Is there a release date?

We're currently existing in a world where half the movies showing at theatres feature Jacob Elordi. Personally, I am okay with this. However, if you've squeezed all the juice out of Saltburn and Priscilla, you can lap up some more Elordi screen time when He Went That Way debuts on January 5, 2024.


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