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Daniel Askill’s ‘Lunacy’ explores how humanity succumbs to its surroundings

Daniel Askill's 'Lunacy' explores how humanity succumbs to its surroundings

Improvised over a three-week period with an ensemble cast, Australian filmmaker and artist Daniel Askill's latest film and installation project explores an immersive and primal world where carnal energy and rising tensions force a group of strangers to confront their true nature.

The unscripted project is called Lunacy, and is, in part, inspired by Spanish filmmaker Luis Buñuel’s The Exterminating Angel. Created on a remote compound in Far North Queensland's ancient Daintree Rainforest, the film was developed alongside the cast and crew in a collaborative environment of performance and movement workshops, while they were living in the remote rainforest location in Cape Tribulation. Here, RUSSH is sharing a behind-the-scenes look into the making of the new film, courtesy of photographer Adrian Meško.


What is Lunacy about?

Told in nine movements, Lunacy's allegorical narrative follows six strangers who each receive an invitation to a mysterious rainforest retreat. When their enigmatic host fails to arrive, the six guests gradually realise that they are inexplicably unable to leave. Alone and with a looming eclipse, the strangers begin to transform under unknown forces. How does humanity succumbs to its surroundings?



Who is in the cast and crew of Lunacy?

The film is directed by Australian filmmaker and artist Daniel Askill, with score by These New Puritans and Matteo Zingales, and choreography by Shaun Parker.

On screen, you'll catch performances by Bobbi Salvör Menuez, Priscilla Doueihy, Isabel Lucas, Hunter Page-Lochard, Trevor Jamieson, Lily Sullivan and Kirin J Callinan .


When and where will Lunacy premiere?

Today for its Sydney premiere, Lunacy will be installed at Boowambillee (Shark Island) in Sydney's Harbour, scheduled to perfectly coincide with the peak of the Geminid’s meteor shower.

The nine movements of the film will be displayed in looping form across three screens installed on the island for guests to wander and enjoy.



When and where can I watch it?

Lunacy will be available to stream internationally via Apple TV+ and Google TV ahead of the total eclipse on 8 April 2024.


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