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The fashion legacy of Romy and Michele continues on – a sequel to the film has been announced!

Yes, you've heard correctly, Romy and Michele are coming back! The iconic duo, that you might better know them for inventing post-its and friendship, are returning for a sequel after almost 25 years since the first movie. And since the first release, their comedic screen presence has withstood time, enough for Liza Kudrow and Mira Sorvino to come back and do it all again. This time, scriptwriter Robin Schiff, who is the writer on Emily in Paris, will be writing the sequel. With high expectations from the original movie, we can only hope we get delivered lines almost iconic as "Would you excuse me? I cut my foot before and my shoe is filling up with blood".

In honour of the exciting news, we're taking a look back at some of our favourite style moments from Romy and Michele's High School Reunion. Hailed the Queen of 90s movie fashion, Mona May was the costume designer for not only Romy and Michele, but for CluelessThe Wedding Singer, Never Been Kissed and plenty more movies. So, it's fair to say that we've been dreaming about their clothes since the movie first premiered. Especially, the iconic 90s bags for their water bottles that May created – taking inspiration from Karl Lagerfeld's 1994 CHANEL Fall/Winter runway show. Almost each outfit they wore had a motif, whether it was Romy's poker inspired moment with dice earrings, a matching ring and a three of hearts t-shirt, or Michele's Cherry earrings, necklace, maroon sunglasses and cherry red dress. Until this movie, I had never so badly wanted to wear colours synonymous to a fruit.


And while we don't know when the sequel will be released, we do know that once Schiff finishes writing Emily In Paris's next season, Romy and Michele will be next. Even though nothing will replace the 90s iconic fashion, we can't help but wonder what will they wear?


A look back at all of the best fashion moments in Romy and Michele's High School Reunion








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