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We are buggin’ over Alicia Silverstone’s Clueless tribute Tik Tok

alicia silverstone

As if Alicia Silverstone would ever let us forget about the anniversary of Clueless! The star of the 26 year-old film, which happens to be one of the most iconic 90s coming-of-age films to date, has reenacted one of its scenes on Tik Tok to commemorate the milestone.

The video, which was created on Tik Tok and shared via Silverstone's Twitter account, features her son, Bear Jacrecki, playing Cher’s father in the scene where he critiques her Calvin Klein outfit. Wearing a suit that is far too big for him, he looks up at Silverstone, saying "Cher, get in here." And then, “What the hell is that,” he lip syncs over the scene's original audio. “A dress,” Silverstone responds. “Say’s who,” he asks, to which she replies, “Calvin Klein.” Cute!

The video has of course gone viral, with 4.3 million views on Tik Tok so far and over 20 thousand on Twitter. In the comments section, fans have been sounding off on their favourite looks from the Beverly Hills Princess, which has launched us right into hours of nostalgic pondering, and pining over young Paul Rudd.

For those who have not been concerning themselves with the zeitgeist over the past 26 years, Clueless follows Cher Horowitz, a popular, stylish queen who makes it her personal mission to turn the new, frumpy girl in school, Tai, into the hottest. Much to her Dismay, people start thinking Tai is even hotter than Cher, and it's all quite upsetting. Things come right, though, when she stumbles head first into a romance with her step-brother, Josh. An aspect which, we all happily overlooked in the name of Paul Rudd having a happy ending at the time.

Hard to tell if we will ever stop caring about Clueless related happenings, but if this article is an indicator, the answer is likely never.


@aliciasilverstoneWhat’s up daddy?! Today marks 26 years since ##Clueless premiered!♬ original sound - Alicia Silverstone