The New Moon in Gemini is here to kick off the month of June: Here’s how to make the most of it

new moon in gemini

The New Moon in Gemini is officially upon us, coming into orbit late on Monday 30 May (AEST). If you're already beginning to feel the impact of this celestial event, you're not alone. Here, we break down why this New Moon is different, how it will impact the signs and key advice to takeaway from this New Moon in Gemini.

What is a New Moon?

A New Moon (NM) suggests a time to set intentions or goals for the day/night or the two week waxing phase of the lunation. Each NM, however, takes on a slightly different flavour dependent on the sign it transits. Last month, for instance, the New Moon traversed Taurus, a slow and steady earth sign. Accordingly we might have wanted more emotional security from a family member, friend, or love interest around this transit. Or maybe we were low-key dating someone but the Taurus New Moon had us wanting something more stable with them. Or maybe this lunation manifested in a tangible way: we set a goal to get a more comfortable sofa by the end of the month. All of these desires, intentions, and behaviours would have aligned with Taurus New Moon energy. In essence, that’s how Sign+Moon works.

The flavour of this New Moon

Now the Gemini New Moon approaches late night on 30 May/31 May. Is this going to be a deeply emotional lunation where we gaze at a beloved or rehash memories of schoolyards or college apartments where we’d write convoluted essays at cramped desks in small rooms on bittersweet autumnal afternoons? No. Quite the opposite. The Gemini New Moon, which happens once a year, is more about emotional dexterity and adaptability. It’s a transit to become more Gemini in the way we approach work and romance.

What does it mean to have a natal Gemini Moon?

Natal Gemini Moons (NGM) give us a nice further indication of the kinds of psychic and emotional energies we might consider appropriating from this lunation to align us with the Cosmic Order. NGMs are curious; in need of a lot of stimulation; hungry for information; talkative; open to other perspectives and new ideas; breezy; cavalier. They take things with an emotional grain of salt. Perhaps the keyword here would be that they are flexible.

Advice for this Gemini New Moon

We ourselves should get versatile during this Gemini New Moon. If you’re not feeling something (Moon/emotion), it’s ok to move off it (Gemini/adaptable). Or if you are into someone (boyfriend/girlfriend) but love dynamics seem somehow stuck, this is also a lunation to figure out how to give movement and life to sclerotic structures of feeling. Let a partner call the shots and feel empowered, while you go along for the breezy ride. Again these are little ways to let Gemini flexibility inform an emotional situation to our cosmic advantage.

Of course, we can add another layer of understanding to the Gemini New Moon by looking at Mercury, Gem’s ruling planet. The Messenger is closest to the Sun. Symbolically we can think of it, therefore, as the telecommunications expert of the solar system. The heart and soul of Mercury is sharing information, generating movement, catalysing travel and transport.

From these basic thematics, we can extend the domain of Mercury/Gemini to include a range of lifeworld systems related to communication, education, travel, mail/post, conveyances, cargo, commerce. And, on the individual level, Mercury/Gemini manifests through keen listening, brilliant speaking, learning, reading, editing, researching, negotiating, buying, and selling.

Keep in mind, too, that Mercury will be going retrograde during this NM. If Mercury normally signifies clear communication, when it is retrograde we get miscommunication. We may also encounter problems with technology, schedules, traffic jams, misplaced cell phones, crossed wires, delayed or mixed messages.

Here is the silver lining in this retrograde snafu, though: if, as we’ve discussed, Gemini is about becoming flexible and adaptable, then this is the perfect lunation for dealing with the kinds of retrograde encumbrances sure to arise. Communications with your helpmate awry? Make a TikTok video expressing your love through interpretive dance. Stuck in endless traffic? Call an old friend and catch up. In other words, take a Gemini breath, adapt, and be clever with finding a solution to perturbations. Herein we learn to use the qualities of the sign to deal with the current annoyances of its ruler.

Finally, Gemini energy doesn't like to be pigeon-holed. Because it is a dual-natured sign (Twins), it prefers having options. Mobilise this Moon to map out yours to avoid the morass of Mercury’s backspin.

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Photo by Arwin Neil Baichoo on Unsplash