Love is in the air: Here’s how the current Venus in Taurus transit will impact your love life

venus in taurus

Venus (romance, money, and beauty) has entered into steady Taurus, the sign it loves most (aside from maybe Libra, also Venus-ruled). Planet Diamondzz will be camped in the fixed-earth BULL from 28th May to 23rd June. We thought it might be fun to give you some Venus horoscopes, so you can see where the love will be for you the next few weeks.

As always, though, a bit of context. Along with jocose Jupiter, Venus is known as one of the Benefics. Its influence tends to be positive, except when it is infelicitously aspected with scallywag Mars. Then its themes of love, money, and beauty can take on a more tawdry feel. We might spend our cash rashly or get a bit too risky with our sexual exploits.

Thankfully for us, our forthcoming Venus transit is very well-aspected. For one, Mars currently resides next door in Aries. Unlike a square or opposition (two difficult aspects), this particular placement neutralises the Warmonger’s roguish influence on the Diamond Queen. What’s more, Venus will be at “home” in Taurus.

Unlike dysfunctional humans, when a planet comes “home” it feels happier. The Moon-in-Cancer, for instance, leads to more caring and kindness. Mars-in-Aries: more ambition and drive. Jupiter-in-Sagittarius: more luck, risks, rewards.

Venus-in-Taurus suggests an especially nice homecoming. Taurus is the most sensual sign. It glories in material pleasures–strawberry sherbet vacherin with candied rose; Versailles sterling; Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi. In this lux environment, Venus can indulge in play, carnal appetites, and furs. This is not a social butterfly Venus (like the one we see in the other sign it rules, Libra). Rather it gets more earthy here, more down and dirty (in a good way).

So, some keywords and images to think about with Venus-in-Taurus: luxury, indulging, food and drink, touching, gardening, earthiness, cooking, couch, domestic bliss, beautifying the home, spending money, investing, more security. We might also be inclined to express love through gifts and other material means.

Depending on your sign, this lovely Venus transit will be lighting up different areas of your chart. Where should I be putting love? Where should I be putting money or adding value? Where do I need to beautify my life? These are the kinds of questions that Venus’s placement will help answer.


Venus transits your Selfhood sector. Invest in appearance. Red lipstick. No sweatpants. Spend on the Self. Beautify the Self. Love the Self. This is a powerful once-a-year homecoming for you. Sparkle hard for it. Venus attracts attention with this placement.


If you love something, let it go. We’ve all heard that bit of sentimental wisdom, but it actually applies to your transit. Indeed, Venus lights up your Unconscious zone, which ultimately deals with “letting go” and loss. Go to your closet over the next few weeks and get rid of old clothes or shoes you love but never wear.


Planet Love activates your Friendship zone. Make this transit about playing host extraordinaire by having friends over to your richly-appointed home. Show friends love through your hospitality. This transit jibes well with your caring, hearth-loving nature.


With Venus-in-Taurus highlighting your Career zone, expect more harmonious relations in the workplace. You can come across as fiery and brash (and this energy has gotten you places), but Venus has a graceful, softening effect that could also earn you points around the watercooler with co-workers and supervisors.


Venus highlights your zone of Knowledge and Learning. This part of the chart also has to do with Travel, but Venus-in-Taurus tends toward Netflix at home. Instead of another harrowing true crime docu-series, however, reach for something higher and read Nabokov’s Speak, Memory (full of the most beautiful,Venusian prose).


Venus rules your chart, so this transit is doubly strong for you. Make the most of it, as Planet Love shimmies into your Intimacy zone. Venus-in-Taurus is a time to feast and that can include the fruits of eros as much as fruits de mer. This should be a transit of sensual repasts both in and out of the boudoir.


Lucky you: loving Venus crosses your Relationship zone. Venus-in-Taurus is the perfect antidote to your, let’s admit it, somewhat theatrical nature. To be sure, this is a no-drama transit, unless by drama you mean watching the lowkey flick, “Terms of Endearment,” with your bae.


With Venus lighting up your Food, Diet, and Routine zone, put your love into beautifying foods. Start up a nice little nightly culinary experience for family and friends. You don’t have to go off the rails with Venus-in-Taurus. Indulge in not being indulgent.


Venus has its “joy” in the 5th House of Romance, which is where Planet Love will be transiting your chart. Fertility, creativity, romance, and fun are all augured by Venus here. Taurus will add even more sensuality. They say Paris is nice this time of year.


Your Home zone gets lit up by Venus-in-Taurus. Herein lies a perfect transit for beautifying or showing love to your place. Irish playwright Samuel Beckett said: “It is the role of objects to restore silence.” Be on the lookout for a beautiful figurine to make your home more calm.


Venus irradiates your Communication zone. Your way with words should be more graceful, soothing, charming, and, most importantly, laced with love. Please get stamps, envelopes, and quill in order to write some good old fashioned epistles to those closest to you. Thank them for their place in your heart.


Planet Diamonds and the Lux Bull energise your Money zone over the next few weeks. It seems even the Cosmos is saying it’s ok to spend some money on yourself. But this transit is also about others, so express your love with a bespoke gift for family, friend, bae, spouse, or child, too. Venus isn’t all about you. It’s about that force that binds us all together as one.

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