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How did OneTaste become a sexual wellness cult? Netflix investigates in this new documentary

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Taking control of our own pleasure is a powerful prospect. But take that concept, add a hoard of vulnerable people, a tech-start up and one person offering a clear path to enlightenment, and you have yourself a recipe for a modern day cult. At least that's what we've learned in Netflix's latest documentary investigating the allegations against sexual wellness guru Nicole Daedone and San Francisco-based company OneTaste. Entitled Orgasm Inc: The Story of OneTaste and available on the streamer now, below we bring you all the details about the documentary.

What is Orgasm Inc: The Story of OneTaste about?

If you need further convincing to dive into another documentary about cults, this one is thrilling because of its modern day setting. Some of you may remember Nicole Daedone from her TED Talk, she spoke about the power of slow sex, with an emphasis on female pleasure and "orgasmic meditation". Innocuous enough.

OneTaste was founded in 2005 and built a community by travelling across the US and holding meditation workshops that involved stroking the clitoris to mirror Daedone's own personal chance experience of sexual fulfilment. However in 2018 several former members took out lawsuits against OneTaste, alleging abuse and exploitation. Meanwhile Bloomberg reported the FBI began its own investigation into the company after receiving tip offs about possible sex trafficking. On top of this, exorbitant membership fees and details of harrowing staff experiences were enough to prompt OneTaste's fall from grace.


Although the documentary is available to watch on Netflix having released on November 5, you can preview it in the trailer below.


Netflix has created a whole sub-genre of documentaries that revolve around famous cults and the people behind them. From Keep Sweet: Pray and Obey to Wild Wild Countryother production companies have caught on and created a handful of their own such as The Way Down: God, Greed and the Cult of Gwen Shamblin from HBO Max and Hulu's The Deep EndIf this is your thing, then go forth and dive in.

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