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Hear Jessica Chastain perform ‘Stand By Your Man’ in the trailer for ‘George & Tammy’

george & tammy

Before there was Pam & Tommythere was George & Tammy. A new miniseries from Showtime is set to render the relationship between Tammy Wynette and George Jones into something we can feast on via the small screen. Although unlike the aforementioned Hulu show, this one we can comfortably get behind. Curious as to what George & Tammy is about? Find all the details below.


Anyone with even the slightest interest in country music will know the name Tammy Wynette. Known affectionately as the First Lady of Country Music, she was one of the most influential voices in the genre with her track Stand By Your Man a hit even if it did receive criticism from prominent feminists at the time. Wynette, along with Loretta Lynn and Dolly Parton changed the game for women in country music (even if the latter won't admit to being a feminist) and the trio went on to produce the iconic studio album Honky Tonk Angels (rip Kitty Wells), a sort of clapback album at double standards in the industry.

Meanwhile, George Jones is a country legend in his own right, hanging out with the brat pack of country music at the time like Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson, Hank Williams Jnr. and Johnny Cash. The status of both Tammy and George made their coupling up a huge deal (both of whom it would be their third marriage) especially for their careers, and its this tumultuous time the miniseries hopes to depict.

Using their daughter Georgette Jones' autobiography, The Three of Us: Growing Up With Tammy and George, as its source material, the series will take audiences through George Jones and Tammy Wynette's marriage, until their eventual divorce in 1975.


Jessica Chastain will take on the role of Tammy Wynette, having won an Oscar for her portrayal of another Tammy in the 2021 drama The Eyes of Tammy Faye. Meanwhile, Michael Shannon will step onboard as George Jones which is kind of perfect as he's a musician too, and leads the band Corporal. Other actors include Steve Zahn as Wynette’s fifth and final husband George Richey, Walton Goggins as Jones collaborator Earl “Peanutt” Montgomery, Pat Healy as Wynette’s second husband Don Chapel, and David Wilson Barnes as Billy Sherrill.

Release date

George & Tammy will air on Showtime on December 4, 2022. Australian audiences can tune into the series on Paramount+. In the meantime, preview the trailer below.


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