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Michaela Coel is working on a new series within the world of ‘I May Destroy You’

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It is always a good day when news that Michaela Coel is doing anything surfaces, especially when the news is that the critically acclaimed writer, producer, director, and actress is set to be working on a new series for the BBC and is suspected to have ties to her beloved I May Destroy You world.

Announced yesterday alongside a throng of new titles coming to the BBC, the project has very few details about it yet, but we are truly chomping at the bit for more information and ultimately, more Coel.

“It’s truly in Michaela’s head and it’s not for me to second guess that too much at this point. It’s at relatively early stages, but I wanted to let the fans of I May Destroy You know that there is a new show coming along,” BBC's drama controller Piers Wenger told Deadline.

“What relationship that show will have with the original series, (is for Michaela to decide)." He continued. "There’s a relationship between Chewing Gum and I May Destroy You. There’s a through-line to her thinking. I suspect there may be elements (of I May Destroy You) but it’s really too early to say anything specific.”

If you are familiar with Michaela Coel's previous shows, I May Destroy You and Chewing Gum, you'll know what this means for the watcher: more unflinchingly honest and genius subject matter that ultimately leaves you feeling full on witnessing an array of social and personal issues being tackled in a tender and thoughtful way.

As well as working on her new series, Coel announced just last month that she is publishing her debut book later this year entitled Misfits: A Personal Manifesto. The memoir will recount personal anecdotes from her life and career, and will focus on the ways in which she came to own her strength and creativity.

"Ever since I first watched Chewing Gum, I knew that Michaela Coel was one of a kind." Marianne Tatepo, commissioning editor of Edbury told The Hollywood Reporter, "I May Destroy You again proved this to be true, gathering fans everywhere and stealing the hearts of global icons from Adele and Seth Rogen to Barack Obama. By turns inquisitive, devastating, beautiful and hilarious, Michaela’s storytelling forever urges us to think again." She said, going on to describe the book as a piece that "draws on the same kaleidoscope of ideas and emotions as her hit TV shows, and will inspire readers to reflect on their own relationship to power."

In our minds, the more Coel, the merrier. Stay tuned for further info about the upcoming series.

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