Our most coveted fashion pieces in October

Freedom from COVID-19 social distancing restrictions seems to be drawing closer for Australia - our summer never looked brighter. The first days of October were definitely chaotic, with the closing of fashion week in Paris and six planets in retrograde wreaking havoc on our personal and professional lives.

Nevertheless at RUSSH, we only like to look forward and never back behind our shoulder. And so, in bidding farewell to what felt like darker days of a locked down pandemic life - we revel in optimism once again, returning to our top 10 favourites in luxury with our monthly line up.

In a contrast to the energy of last months roundup, the month of October had us celebrating the very best in monochrome. Putting aside (for now), the psychosis in colour and print - we look back to some of our favourites in just plain old black and white.

Simplicity was key for us this month. Perhaps after reviewing all the shows on the fashion week schedule, by default - our eyes felt drawn to something a little more quieter, comfortable and simpler, some post fashion week reprieve.

So just like clockwork, we have for you here below once again - our favourites from Balenciaga, Bottega Veneta, Chanel, Margiela and Dior just to name a few - our top 10 in luxury for you to peruse and enjoy in welcoming the summer months we have gloriously ahead.


Balenciaga 'Le Cagole' Bag



Bottega Veneta Light Ribbon Sunglasses

Saint Laurent Silver Monogram Single Ear Cuff


Gucci GG0990 Sunglasses


Louis Vuitton Patti Wedge Ankle Boot


Alexander McQueen Silver Molten Ring


Dior Small Caro Bag


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