There are 5 planets in retrograde right now – here’s what it all means

If you've read anything about planetary retrogrades, you'll know that these are often periods of confusion, delays or things not feeling quite right. If over the last few weeks or even months, this feeling has been particular intense, you're not alone. There are currently five planets in a retrograde transit - six if you include Pluto, whose retrograde finishes on October 6.

Of course, we do know that three of these retrogrades will wrap up within the next two weeks, so this period won't run for much longer. In the meantime, understanding how each retrograde impacts us can help us get a better understanding of ourselves and the world around us. With this in mind, find below, all the planets currently in retrograde and what this means.


Mercury Retrograde - September 28 - October 19

Probably the most well-known transit in astrology, Mercury Retrograde loves to play Devil's Advocate. As this it the planet of communications and travel, it is known for causing disturbances to anything that involves the movement of A to B. Think travel delays, personal misunderstandings and problems in expressing yourself. This particular Mercury Retrograde hit our personal relationships the hardest. Now is the time to avoid gossip and saying things you don't mean.


Jupiter Retrograde - June 21 - October 17

The planet of fortune, when Jupiter retrograde comes, it often will feel like you're out of luck. Missed the bus by 30 seconds? Arrive at the shops just as they close? The only time you leave the house without your umbrella is when it pours? This feeling of always being at the wrong place at the wrong time is typical of a Jupiter Retrograde. Try to remember that movements often have as much power as you give them, and since this is such a lengthy retrograde, try not to feel like the world is out to get you. It will be over soon.


Saturn Retrograde - May 24 - October 10

Saturn loves rules. It is the planet of discipline and authority - a teacher of sorts. So when Saturn Retrogrades for roughly four months, the rule books tend to go out the window. It's good and bad. A loss of restrictions can certainly bring out the more creative sides of ourselves and allow for ways of thinking beyond the traditional parameters. But of course, boundaries are there for a reason. You may find yourself allowing the barrier holding together your work/life balance begin to ebb or see yourself letting the personal boundaries you set in your relationships slide away. Saturn Retrograde can also make us a little lazy at times, and mustering up the energy to go the extra mile during this period may feel harder than it should. Try to use this time to recalibrate and understand how discipline and boundaries can serve you rather than restricting you.


Uranus retrograde - August 20 - January 19

When Wild child Uranus is in retrograde paradigms collide. Of course, this retrograde is slower and simmers much more gently than the shorter, sharper retrogrades of the planets closer to Earth. Think of it as a time to learn. Uranus is a revolutionary thinker, one that allows us to shift our consciousness. As such, when this planet retrogrades it can encourage clashes in the ways we think and what we're used to. This is not a bad thing of course if we're willing to apply a critical eye to why we feel the way we feel. In fact, Uranus Retrograde can be a period of intense learning if you let it.


Neptune Retrograde - June 26 - December 1

Dreamy Neptune is the planet associated with our unconscious. This is a time where many of us will have strange dreams and our intuition will be buzzing. As astrologer Clarisse Monahan says "Neptune retrograde suggests a time to return to the reality principle and look at the world, relationships, and work in an honest way.

"Neptune retrograde presses pause on 'My Dark Twisted Fantasy.' Stark realities and sober truths are the tenor of Neptune during its backspinning. Neptune wants to escape, so with it in retrograde, we need to resist the urge to retreat into the haze of this or that narcotic utopia or dreamland or island of the lotus-eaters."


Pluto Retrograde - April 28 - October 6

This transit has technically just come to a wrap, but if you've been feeling weird the last few weeks prior to now, this could have been a contributing factor. Pluto rules transformation and rebirth, so when it retrogrades, life's natural changes can feel confusing. You may have difficulty finding a North Star to guide you and help you understand purpose. It's a particularly murky time that can make even the most grounded feel shaky.


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Image: Jake Weirick on Unsplash